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--Good luck, Barack. You've got a tough road ahead. [Yahoo!]

--Tina Fey says she's retiring the Sarah Palin impersonation. [Hollywood Insider]

--Could Oprah really become the U.S. Ambassador to England? [Froggy 99.9]

--Peter King has Big Ben 8th in his MVP race, behind Matt Ryan, Jason Campbell, and Drew Brees. Sigh. [SI]

--Joe Paterno is wary of a brushoff from the BCS. Isn't it great to have a coach who can reference his experience as coach in the 1968 season when making a point? [PG]

--TE Heath Miller is doubtful for Sunday's game against the Colts, spoiling that Heath Miller-Dallas Clark showdown the networks would have undoubtedly focused on. [Trib]

--Steelers remain #3 in the cumulative power rankings [Real Clear Sports]

--A New England Patriots cheerleader is fired...for vandalism. [With Leather]

--Michael Crichton, the man who wrote Jurassic Park, just passed away at age 66. [CNN]

--Have you heard about the Nebraska law that allows parents to abandon their kids up to age 18? [York News Times]

--Despite rumors and photoshopped posters, Megan Fox is not going to be Wonder Woman. [WWTDD]

--The Farrelly Brothers are making a Three Stooges film consisting of (4) 20-minute shorts. []

--Who's down for splitting a case of Baconnaise? [Uncrate]

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