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--So how many Steeler fans were in D.C. last night? Estimates are as high as 60-40. [DC Sports Bog]

--Michael Wilbon talks about Byron Leftwich, who beat his hometown team last night. [Washington Post]

--Great article on the underappreciated Darryl Sydor from Mark Madden, who also mentions the words "quarterback controversy" in talking about the Steelers. [WXDX/Mark Madden]

--Here's the "horrible" photos from the New York Marathon that Howard Stern's been talking about all week. I must agree, he's looked better. [NY Daily News]

--Joey Porter's been busy firing up his Colorado State Rams, to the point of a celebration penalty.[Denver Post]

--They're counterfeiting Texas Tech tickets? [Dr. Saturday]

--Wacko Jacko to the Orioles? [Bucs Dugout]

--It might be time to buy your Daunte Culpepper Lions jersey, because there's a chance he could start on Sunday. [Detroit News]

--Surprise winner Seth Petruzelli dressed up as Kimbo Slice for Halloween. [MMA Rated]

--Here's a timely topic: Presidential sports trivia. [World of Isaac]

--Election day freebies are all over the place. I know I could go for a free Krispy Kreme donut. [Wallet Pop]

--It's hockey's greatest attack ads, and Pittsburgh is prominent. [Puck Daddy]

--Circuit City is closing 155 stores...but the PA locations are safe. [PG]

--Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan sounds critical when talking about the upcoming Justice League movie. [Film Drunk]

--Here are the most expensive restaurants in the US. They're not giving away freebies on election day. [Forbes]

--Finally, a loss for my W&J Presidents, who fell to 7-1 with a loss to Thomas More on Saturday. []

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Anonymous said...

While I liked him better as a columnist, I loved hearing Tony Kornheiser talk in the fourth quarter about how the FedEx crowd reminded him of how Penguins fans filled up Verizon Center and the old Capital Center when the Pens would play in D.C. Got me all nostalgic ...

GO VOTE TODAY!!! If anyone cares, Mike Tomlin voted at Chatham College this morning! Yeah Cougars!