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The PITTSBURGH PIRATES took two of three from Houston over the weekend, wrapping things up with a 9-0 win on Sunday that featured their first home run with a man on base since approximately 1993. OK, it was actually only 1,097 at-bats, the longest such streak since the 1984 Astros, but you get the point. They have been few and far between.

On Sunday, Paul Maholm limited the Astros to three hits in throwing a complete-game shutout, and the Pirate hitters claimed revenge on Roy Oswalt, who one-hit them in his last start on July 8 in Houston.

In addition to Garrett Jones' two-run blast, the Pirates got four hits from Ronny Cedeno and three each from Jose Tabata and Ryan Doumit. Every Pirates position player had at least one hit on the day. After Saturday night's 12-6 win in front of a full house of fireworks-loving fans, the Pirates are finally starting to show a few signs of competence, regardless of the fact that it came against a less-than-stellar Astros team.

Andrew McCutchen left the game in the eighth inning after making a diving catch, and the diagnosis was was a mildly sprained AC joint in the upper part of the right shoulder. X-rays did not detect a fracture, and he has not yet been ruled out of the lineup for Monday.

Milwaukee (42-51) comes to town next, with Chris Capuano (4.35, 0-1) and Jeff Karstens (4.87, 2-4) taking the hill Monday night at 7:05.

TERRY BRADSHAW has a new gig. He's now a part owner of EverGreen Recreational Vehicles in Middlebury, which is owned by Bradshaw golfing buddy Kelly Rose. Bradshaw said he would become the company's face by traveling to trade shows and publicizing its RVs. [WTAE]

JOE PATERNO's absence is again being blamed for recruiting problems with Penn State's Class of 2011, which currently numbers just three - the smallest in the Big Twelveleven. At this time, has Penn State at No. 64 in its 2011 recruiting rankings, 10th among the 11 Big Ten schools. [PG]

LARRY FITZGERALD was the subject of artwork done on a fan's prosthetic leg, which was then signed by Fitzgerald. I must say, Steeler Nation has been outdone (for once). [Deadspin]

JOE STARKEY tackles a topic near and dear to my heart: the classic American game of Wiffle Ball. [Trib]

ROGER GOODELL will be visiting Steeler training camp on August 5. [WPXI]

BREON ALLEN is Pitt's first RB recruit for the Class of 2011. The 5'6", 170-pounder was recruited to Pitt by new LB coach Bernard Clark. [KDKA Sports Insider]

DARNELL STAPLETON, a starting lineman for the Steelers in Super Bowl 43, signed with the UFL's Florida Tuskers. Stapleton missed the entire 2009 season with injuries and was released by the Steelers. [UFL]

HAYDEN PENN of the Pirates will soon be sold to Japan's Chiba Lotte Marines, a team with an apparent opening for a journeyman pitcher. Penn allowed eight runs on eight hits and three walks in a memorable 2 1/3 innings for the Pirates this season. []


Adam said...

I'll tell ya. That Ron Musselman knows how to break the news.

AJ said...

That prosthetic is symbolic. Without Fitzgerald, Arizona's offense doesn't have a leg to stand on this season.

/try the veal

BURGH08 said...

Wow! If only I read the 'scoop' from 'Run Up The Score' on a Penn State blog instead of some part time hack from the Post Gazette I would know that PSU has fallen back in recruiting because a guy older than 80 is the head coach!

Or maybe I would ask ANYONE WITH A CLUE and know it's only natural that would happen!


BurressWithButterflywings said...

I hope they run a toss sweep in the direction of Herr Hypocrite Goodell during his visit and the pile just happens to fall on him.

Unknown said...


Take your anti-German crap to some other blog. Honestly - if you said that crap in person and I was there, as a German Pittsburgher, I would have pounded your nose in you would be sneezing out your ass. We all get it - the Nazis spoke German, but Germans are not Nazis.

BurressWithButterflywings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BurressWithButterflywings said...

Obviously, I wasn't implying all Germans are Nazis. I was merely taking a shot at Goodell's discipline policy and not German heritage.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you read into that comment pretty deep.

BURGH08 said...

Seriously Scott, ease up. Oktoberfest is coming soon.

frank said...

what a joke sounds like a buch of crap made u by stupid pitt fans who r jealuos of penn state and wish they got half the recriuts