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--Smilin' Hines Ward is your Whirl Magazine cover boy for September. Sorry ladies, but there's no centerfold. [Whirl Magazine]

--Dave Dameshek pretty much goes off on a variety of topics in this glorious article from Page 2. []

--The Artist Formerly Known as PittGirl is out of the anonymous-blogging closet, and to celebrate, she's started a new blog. Be sure to stop over for the grand opening. [That's Church]

--Despite only five hits, the Pirates beat the Brewers 3-1, finishing off an improbable three-game sweep. That win pulls them a mere 21 games under .500. They're on fire, I tell ya. []

--Don Ohlmeyer takes over as the new ESPN Ombudsman, and the network's coverage (or non-coverage) of a certain Large QB dominates his debut column. I think he's getting paid by the word. []

--The Wannstache makes it official: Bill Stull is your starting QB. And that's FINAL! [PG]

--Count Joe Starkey in the ever-expanding "Pirates should tank it for Bryce Harper" boat. Actually, I don't think the Pirates have to actually try to tank. [Trib]

--Now that the dust has settled, can we make any calls on what the Pirates' roster looks like? As if 49-70 didn't already give you an idea? [PB&G]

--Speaking of tanking, that's a good way to describe the state of the Andrea McNulty lawsuit against Big Ben. [PG]

--The TV-friendly Penguins will appear on Versus eight times in the coming season. People may knock Versus, but they know a good thing when they see it. [KDKA/PSI]

--Those looking to get peed on, take note: R. Kelly is coming to Pittsburgh. You were warned. [96.1 Kiss Morning Freak Show]

--This article should make you feel comfortable with the prospect of Trai Essex lining up at guard this year. [PG]

--There's at least one Pittsburgher excited about the return of Brett Favre. That [Move the Needle]

--And here's 10 things Lord Favre should fear when facing the AFC North this season. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--If you've ever wondered what the Steelers look like as characters from Mad Men, then today is your lucky day, my friend. [Blog 'n' Gold]

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Steve said...

I'm in total agreement with Starkey. If ever there was a time for the Pirates to lose well and lose big, this is it. Drafting Harper could make the Alvarez acquisition look like peanuts.

The way they are trying to rebuild this team via the draft makes it mandatory that they get the first pick and the opportunity to sign Harper, who many insiders with a better knowledge of baseball prospects than anyone here, say is a once in a generation talent.

The fact that the Pirates swept the Brewers better be an aberration so they can back to the business of losing at least 100 games.

I'm all for them picking a random fan out of the stands every other game to pitch or bat cleanup if that's what it takes. There's no parity in baseball and nothing wrong with playing to lose so that someday they might be able to win. Besides, I always wanted to get a closer look at the single A players in the organization. No better time than the present and it not like they'll alienate any fans in the process.

Louis Lipps Sinks Ships said...

I think Whirl Magazine needs to turn off their spell check for the Hines Ward story intro.

Unknown said...

So everyone's favorite spike-the-ball-in-triumph-at-midfield-before-anyone-touches-you wide receiver is spending the next two years in jail. I'm taking bets for what team he ends up with after he gets out. I'll say Dallas takes a shot at him (pun FULLY intended).