Big Lead Sports Bar



As you've probably figured out, I've been a tad buried on this end, hence the slooooow updates as of late. So if you feel the urge to pitch in with a link, photo, or thought-provoking email to urge me along, send them to or Twitter them to

As compensation for your efforts, I'm putting up not one, not two, but FIVE items from the Mondesi Mystery Prize Box to the top submissions. What is the Mondesi Mystery Prize Box? It's the home to all random things I get sent from marketing types. Books, t-shirts, all sorts of neat things. So I'll be giving five of those items away.

And on the topic of prizes, let me announce the winner of the "Stairway to Seven" t-shirt caption contest:

biggamekilla said... Anyone see the rest of Bart Scott's body anywhere....this is all I could find.

So if Mr. Killa could please contact me, I'll be happy to arrange your prize with the sponsor, The Virginia Project. And thanks to all of you who entered.