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The Best of Steelers YouTube Clips

It's the last few days before the 2006 NFL campaign kicks off, so the time is right for some selected video clips to get us fired up. Through the miracle of the internet (especially YouTube), here are some of my favorite moments in Steeler history, and a few others I know you'll enjoy.

First, a few to make your blood boil:

1. Video of TJ Houshmandzadeh shining his shoes with a Terrible Towel

2. Video of the Bengals Who Dey Locker Room Chant

3. Video of the Steelers We Dey Rebuttal: Porter yelling at painted Bengal fans, and Cowher's famous "Who Dey? We Dey!" Locker Room rant

4. Video of locker room postgame vs. Indy: Joey Porter's We Ride chant were he nearly loses his voice

5. Video of 1995 Super Bowl Onside Kick. Cowher's gutsiest call of his career

6. Fan footage of 2000 Mark Bruener TD vs Raiders. He literally carries a guy into the end zone. I was at this game and thought it was the greatest TD I've ever seen.

7. Video of Steelers Parade...featuring Hines Ward's giant foam hat, the Bus, and Cowher's Who Dey part II

8. Video of Hines Ward absolutely destroying Orpheus Roye

9. Video of Neil O'Donnell's Miracle pass to Ernie Mills in 1995 AFC Championship vs. Colts

10. Video of The Immaculate Reception

11. Video of Steelers/Broncos 1997 regular season game...a huge win where Kordell was playing out of his mind. Best part: stands bouncing up and down at Three Rivers.

12. Video highlights from 1994 playoff win vs. Bill Belichick and Browns. His non-genius days.

13. Video highlights from 2002 playoff win vs. the Browns. Greatest playoff comeback in Steeler history

14. Video of 1993 game vs. Bills: Gary Jones destroys Don Beebe

15. Video of 1996 Oilers/Steelers Fight Game. Tomczak is dragged by his facemask, and punter Shayne Edge throws a punch, costing him a fine larger than his game check.

16. Video of 2004 Jets-Steelers Playoff Game. Doug Brien manages to screw up two game winning field goals for GangGreen.

17. Video of Fast Willie Parker's Super Bowl Record TD

18. Video of 1989 Playoff win vs. Houston in the House of Pain. Gary Anderson nails a monster FG in overtime

19 . James Harrison Slams the Browns Fan

20 . Hines Ward crying after AFC Championship Loss in 2005

plus three more favorites:

Bonus 1. Kellen Winslow is a soldier. And he doesn't give a hell.

Bonus 2. Joe Namath drunk and trying to Kiss Suzy Kolber

Bonus 3. Randy Moss fakes moons the Packer fans. That is a disgusting act. It's unfortunate that we had that on our air live.


Anonymous said...

Can somebody please isolate Joey Porter screaming at the bengal fans? I want it as my ringtone.


I spit coke all over the computer. Thanks.

Doug said...

Another great post! Thanks for all the great clips.

Sean said...

The video of 1989 playoff win vs. Houston needs the post-game interview where Bubby Brister swears numerous times on national TV.

Anonymous said...

Cowher did not make the surprise onside kick in Super Bowl XXX. Bobby April can be seen in the entire NFL Films video suggesting it to Cowher

Anonymous said...

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