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Evgeni Malkin is Officially a Penguin

He's not just another pretty face...

And to top off the signing, I just got this in the inbox...the first official piece of Evgeni Malkin hype from the Penguins marketing dept...a highlight video/ad that's pretty well done.


vinnie said...

Great preview of the Steelers on deadspin! I especially liked how you had James Harrison’s body slamming of a Browns fan in the top 10. I also have to admit I derived great pleasure from the comments from the Seahawks "fans" (as much as any bandwagon jumper can be called a fan).

However, I am somewhat troubled by the comparison to Yankees fans. Specifically, I am troubled that another person's perceptions can be so skewed. The Rooney’s have never won a championship by outspending the opposition. It’s easy to be a Yankee’s fan when they have the largest payroll in baseball. The Steelers are the antithesis of the Yankees, as are its fans.

Anonymous said...

The only people the trashed the preview were jealous assholes.

It was more about humor than it was bragging.

Anyone that could take their "Steeler hater" glasses off for a second could see that.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, about Malkin...

You do reaize that with him and Sid, it's not unreasonable to think that it would be like having Mario and Gretz anchoring your top two lines once those two really get going.

Even awesomer (I made that word up) to think of them both on the power play together.

Now if we could only keep the damn team where it belongs.