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Anthony Smith Knows How to Hit

This is just awesome. Can't wait to see what this guy does in the regular season.


Steeltown Mike said...

The genius in the booth there (Mike Tirico?) credited the hit with Philly Eagles' #27 Quintin Mikell instead of Mr. Smith.

Granted I only watched it 1.5 times, but I didn't hear either of the co-geniuses correct him.

vinnie said...

That's not all, SUPER Genius (sorry Double M) Joe Theisman earlier talked about how Duce has had only 200 and some odd yards the past two seasons, and no statistician corrected him. I really hope they have a debriefing after each game; I'd love to be the guy who gets to tell Joe how many mistakes he made.

vinnie said...

Oh, and was that the definition of a bone-jarring hit, or what?!?!?!?