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Tuesday News and Notes

Today's news includes the Steelers switching to the Swoosh, an update on Orpik and Michalek, U2 coming to Heinz Field, Russian Penguin fans, and much more...

For all those thinking the CLEVELAND BROWNS are an automatic W, remember this: they beat the Steelers in 2009. [PG]

BROOKS ORPIK (groin) and ZBYNEK MICHALEK (shoulder) will both be evaluated tomorrow in Pittsburgh. [Trib Chipped Ice]

The STEELERS are switching to Nike jerseys in April, 2012. Plan your life accordingly. [Kiss Freak Show]

The PENGUINS SUPPORT CREW, a 10-man group of Superfans from Russia which gathers at 3 AM local time to watch Pens games, took in the opener at the CEC. []

MIKE CLARK of WTAE makes an appearance in the new Denzel/Chris Pine move, Unstoppable, at about the 1:26 mark  of this clip. [YouTube]

BRETT FAVRE should be suspended over the Jenn Sterger photo/voicemail scandal, says Mark Madden. [Times Online]

Here's a look at the good, bad, and ugly of one MARC-ANDRE FLEURY [Fanhouse]

U2 is coming to Heinz Field on July 26, 2011. Tickets go on sale next Monday October 18 at 10 AM. [KDKA]

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

So, Reebok is out.

Thus eliminating the chances of me buying anything Reebok ever again if the NHL ever drops their deal with them.

Adidas makes cooler clothes and shoes, Nike makes better athletic apparel... really, the only reason to buy Reebok was the NFL and NHL licensed merchandise.

This has been "Fashion Talk" with Louis Lipps is my homeboy.

Koz said...

Not sure why, but it never occurred to me until reading Mark Madden's post that Favre's consecutive games streak is in jeopardy with the possibility of a suspension.

Chip said...

Speaking of Madden, he had a really good interview with Stan Savran on his show today.

I can just imagine that senile old codger Smizik's head exploding when he heard one of his favorites kissing up to the King of Pittsburgh Sports Radio. I hope Stan becomes a regular because he actually fits in pretty well with the tone of MM's show now that he's free from ESPN's mandated blandness.

And Madden's point about Favre's behavior in light of how the Ginger Dictator came down on Ben is spot on.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I have zero faith in the Hypocrite God-dell to suspend Favre for anything. He doesn't think DUI's or 2 alcohol related arrests in 12 months ( 1 including violence, 1 driving 2x the legal limit) are worthy of any punishment as long as the guy apologizes.

Despite the fact there are photos and voicemails and now 2 different women making accusations against a married man, there is definitely not enough evidence to suspend anybody. However, if there is an account by a drunken college student who followed him around from bar to bar to bar, wearing a dirty name tag, and they used a fake ID that the player in questions didn't inspect himself, then it's definitely 4-6 games.

Also, this bothers me, but why do people say Vick was suspended for 2 seasons? He was in jail during that time and was really only suspended 2 games...... He could not have played anyway after, you know, pleading guilty to a felony.