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The Return of "Treats From the Inbox"

After a long hiatus, "Treats from the Inbox" is making a comeback. MH readers have come through once again with a bevy of new Terrible Towel and fan pics from around the globe, and some of the top submissions come after the jump. Remember, click on the photo for a larger view. Now on to the pics...

"My daughter, less than an hour old....By the way, my dog is named Rooney." - K. Bauer

 "Tampa game: You've been Batch Slapped" - Bill G.

"Representing the Steelers before a soccer match in Salamanca, Spain" -- Alex T.

 "I'm a Virginia native, but my dad's from West Virginia, so I grew up in the 70's cheering for the Steelers and it stuck. However, it wasn't until the past 5 years that my income reached a level that enabled me to go to some games, my first being the Halloween night game at Heinz Field against the Ravens. I was hooked.

Being a Northern Virginia resident, the Redskins are obviously the home team. So, when I get a chance to see the Black & Gold come to town, I'm there. I've been to the 2 most recent preseason games and the MNF game when Leftwich came in in the second half and lit the place up. Some of my favorite pics are from that game, so I'll attach them to use at your discretion." -- Lenny R., Virginia

I just came back from a 2 week vacation in England and Scotland. I kept forgetting to bring my Terrible Towel on the days we spent in London (thus no Beefeater/Terrible Towel photos), but managed to remember to bring it along with me on our odyssey across England and Scotland. I got a few photos that might be Mondesi-worthy. my wife thought I was nuts, as did most of the people around us.  After taking the photo of Edinburgh Castle, a Scot walked by and said "Americans", shaking his head...
I have attached 8 photos:  

[ed. note: for some reason, three of these kept uploading in the wrong direction]

1. Even William Wallace loves the Terrible Towel!

2. Edinburgh Castle

3.  Castle on NW coast of Scotland, seen in films like Highlander & Elizabeth.

4. Even the Romans feared the Terrible Towel!

5. Lochnessmonster

6. Saw the Steelers beat the Titans at the London Steelers bar: Famous 3 Kings in West Kensington.

7.Doune Castle, north of Stirling, Scotland, the film location for most of the castle scenes in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".

8. Where the demons dwell, where the banshees live, and they do live well " -- Big Chuck in Irwin

 "My husband Todd and I in Marstrand, Sweden on top of Carlstens Fastning (Fortress)" -- Pam P.

"These pictures are of Maggie (on left with gold TT) and Bella (on right with black TT) at Hunt's Lodge Motorcycle Campground in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Maggie is an 86 Honda V65 Magna while Bella is an 84 Honda VF700 Magna.  Both bikes and their respective riders are avid Steeler fans who had a
grand time in the motorcycle mecca that is east Tennessee." -- Anonymous


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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Those seats in Tampa look like they were near where I was sitting.

I didn't see that sign though, but I did see one with a Pirates logo that said "The REAL Bucs!" on it.