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Colt McCoy May Start vs. Steelers

Could this character be the starting quarterback for the Browns when they face the Steelers on Sunday?

According to reports out of Cleveland on Monday, rookie Colt McCoy starting against the Steelers sounds like a definite possibility due to first and second-stringers Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace both facing high-ankle sprains. The Browns are so thin at the position that they've signed Brett Ratliff from the Patriots' practice squad to serve as McCoy's presumed backup on Sunday. 

Browns coach Eric Mangini did not rule out the team signing another quarterback between now and then, while saying of McCoy, "Sometimes opportunity knocks and if so, you have to seize it.''

The Browns are currently 1-4 and last in the AFC North following a 20-10 loss to Atlanta yesterday. Their passing attack ranks 21st in the NFL at 198.6 yards/game, while Peyton Hillis has run for 350 yards so far this season to lead the ground game. Former Patriots TE Ben Watson is the team's leading pass-catcher with 23 receptions.

The Steelers (3-1) and Browns meet Sunday at 1 PM at Heinz Field, with the two teams facing a massive mismatch at the QB position. Sunday will be Ben Roethlisberger's return to NFL regular-season game action for the first time since a 30-24 win over Miami on January 3.

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Dom Errico said...

The Sharks are circling in the water. If McCoy starts it could be a total bloodbath.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I remember reading during training camp that McCoy was so bad in preseason that the Browns seriously considered cutting him.

Please let this happen!

Nate said...

Well...kid had a good college career. Tough draw to start your career against a Steeler defense that you know is going to be in your face all day. Hopefully he's not another Ben Roethlisberger type rookie sensation.

DonW said...

Yeah! The steelers started a 3rd string quarterback in a game a couple of weeks ago and look what happend to them :-)

Steve said...

As long as the Steelers can keep Ben's jersey half-way clean this time I can care less who's starting at QB for the Browns. If our O-line allows this to become a low scoring 13-10 defensive slugfest, then even a 3rd string rookie QB stands a chance.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Cleveland's defense is actually formidable this year.

They've kept it close in all of their games.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Nice PIC! Haha

@LLimHb - i remember that too. A roster with powerhouses like S. Wallace and Jake 'the snake' Delhomme considered cutting this guy. So he's obviously gonna be amazingly unprepared. This is a sure fire way to ruin McCoy's psyche right off the bat. If Hillis can't go, this game might outstink the 41-0 opening day beat down of the Charlie Frye led team a few yrs ago.

It's the same thing i was thinking when Leftwich was hurt... "if his mobility is effected, is that really a problem?" I guess, though, they don't want Delhomme to reinjure himself long term. They'll let McCoy get hurt then have a healthy Delhomme/Wallace for game they have some chance of winning. If McCoy starts, it'll be just like the Simpson's episode where Bart takes Nelson's place during their football game! Ha-ha.

Cleveland's awful, awful passing offense ranks 21st? I mean, i know the steelers have played their 3rd and 4th string QBs in all four games so far, but yeesh! We really haven't been better than Delhomme/Wallace to Cribbs/Chainsaw Massaquoi/whatever castoffs fill the rest of the roster? That's hard to swallow! Though, i guess not unexpected when you pass for 43 yds in week 2... it doesn't get much worse than that.

Borsk said...

Every time one of these things pops up I always think about the Chiefs/Raiders/Browns losses last year.

If you keep the game close enough that one play can beat you in the NFL, you're leaving it up to a coin-toss. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

Steve said...

"Every time one of these things pops up I always think about the Chiefs/Raiders/Browns losses last year."

That's what she said?

Unknown said...

comments on this are pretty good. authored one myself.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@ lexander - I like #2 for a number of reasons: "If he can put the ball where he wants to, his accuracy will help move the chains. (McCoy’s career completion percentage of 70.33 ranks second in NCAA history between the 70.39 of Hawaii’s Colt Brennan.)" ... I'm gonna paraphrase here, 'If he can put the ball where he wants to, his accuracy is pretty good (duh)... and he can be ALMOST as good as Colt Brennan!' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

#3. "There's less of a book on him than others" ... Just like Dixon? Also an awesome point made by Alex(ander) in the comments on this one too!

Haha, geez. What a joke of an article. I agree no team is to be taken lightly, but the 'reasons' put forth in this article are laughable and show a lack of any semblance football knowledge.

The comments (most) were much much much more well written/thought out than the article itself!

I like the comment by 'Clowns Fans' too!

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

This just in ( Cleveland Steamers trade Jerome Harrison for Mike Bell... yawn.