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The 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates Schedule

Yes, the Pirates lost 9-1 on Tuesday night, and yes, Zach Duke was again pounded and might be taken out of the rotation. But let's not dwell on the negative, and instead look ahead to the 2011 Bucco schedule, which comes with slightly less fanfare than the national holiday that is NFL Schedule Release Day.

Here's a few key dates to circle (or not) on your '11 calendar:
April 1 - Baseball's April Fools open the season in Chicago against another longtime joke of the sport, the Cubs.

April 7 - The home opener comes at 1:35 p.m. against Colorado; Michael Keaton is not expected to be in attendance. It begins a six-game homestand that also includes three against the Brewers. 

May 20 - Interleague excitement hits the Burgh as Jim Leyland and Detroit come to town for three games. Try to contain yourselves.

June 3 - The Pirates begin a 10-game homestand against the Phillies, D-backs, and Mets. Jason Bay fans, take note.

June 17 - The fierce interleague rivalry of Pittsburgh and Cleveland is renewed. The two teams are a combined 107-181 in 2010.

June 20 - The Baltimore Orioles and Matt Wieters make a rare appearance at PNC Park. The Pirates could sell a ton of tickets if they recall Danny Moskos for the occasion.

June 24 - The Boston Red Sox come to town for a three-game set. Consider yourself warned for the pending invasion of Bostonians to the area.

June 28 - The Pirates travel to Toronto to get re-acquainted with Jose Bautista. When was the last time the Bucs were forced on Canada?

July 12 - The 82nd annual MLB All-Star Game plays out in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring the inevitable one Pirate.

August 15- A nine-game homestand comes to Pittsburgh, featuring St. Louis, Cincy, and Milwaukee. This could have huge playoff implications...for St. Louis, Cincy, and Milwaukee.

September 5- The Pirates' last long homestand of 2011 starts up, with Houston, Florida, and St. Louis visiting PNC to play in front of the die-hards who go to Pirate games in September.

September 25 - The final PNC Park home game of the campaign brings the Cincinnati Reds to town. Maybe Aroldis Chapman can make history and finally hit 110 on the gun for those in attendance.

September 28- The Pirates' season closes at Milwaukee and everyone looks forward to getting over .500 in 2012.

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Real McCoy said...

Can't wait to find out the date for the ice cream bowl game.

myWifeHatesFun said...

if Chapman hits 110 on the gun and nobody is there to see it, did he really hit 110 on the gun?