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Greg Romeus Out Indefinitely

First, the Pitt Panthers had to deal with an ugly DUI/hit-and-run/underage drinking incident involving one of their players early Sunday morning. Now, their week (and year, for that matter) just got a whole lot worse with another dose of bad news.

Standout DE Greg Romeus, who has fought the injury bug all season, will undergo surgery on a disc in his lower back on Thursday, per a statement released by Dave Wannstedt today. 

Romeus was a preseason All-America candidate and the reigning Big East Defensive Player of the Year, but did not play against New Hampshire after suiting up in the opener at Utah, where he had four tackles and deflected a pass. He is considered out indefinitely, but could return later in the season.

Said the 'Stache today:
“Our top priority is doing what is best for Greg. After consulting with him, his family and our medical staff, it was determined that immediate surgery is the best option for Greg both personally and athletically. We expect him to have a full recovery and return for the conclusion of the season.”

Pitt is off this week, and their season picks up with a ginormous game against Miami on Thursday, September 23, at Heinz Field and on ESPN. That game just got a whole lot tougher to win with the pending absence of their stud defender, but these are the kinds of unforeseen obstacles that a team must get by if they have conference championship hopes.

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Adam said...

...or just use it as an excuse when they don't.

The Abiding Dude said...

Pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty big loss...just the suck all around.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Roll Tide...

Adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam said...

Hey, it's hard to beat a No. 1 on the road...unless that No. 1 is Pitt.


Joshua said...

It's called karma. Wish you had suspended Sheard now, huh, Bumstedt? But NOOOO, you had to piss off the football gods!

The Mad Bubbler said...


Dom Errico said...

Hey Mad Bubbler, if I was Pitt I'd hang my hat on a win from years ago too. Lord knows they haven't won a meaningful game in decades.

You beat a PSU team that was going through a rough patch, but last I checked PSU has won a BCS game since then whereas Pitt just seems to choke like a dog. 3-0 Sun Bowl ring a bell? How about losing to mighty Utah in a BCS game.

I learned a lesson that day when i took Pitt and the points. Don't EVER bet on Pitt.

BURGH08 said...

If I were your parents, I would have gambled my money on Pitt more than any education you have wrapped up in 'broadcasting'.

Nice website. What is the next step after introducing cheerleaders at an Erie Riverat game? Bingo at the local VFD?

Glad PSU fans like you 'don't care about Pitt' though.

Adam said...

When a program puts itself out there like Pitt did by parading Dion and the Stache around the ESPN campus and making websites for its players, it has to take the hit when it comes out and looks like garbage. Pitt is the college equivalent of the New York Jets. They were good a long time ago, but no one can quite remember, and they talk like they're good now, but they're really not.

And my education?

I think I'll be just fine.

O and Bubbler, if you think beating Penn State in a meaningless game early last decade to move your record against Paterno to 23-7-1 is as significant as LOSING THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ON YOUR HOME FIELD the becoming completely irrelevant for the next 25 years, you're clinically insane. I'd take 100 12-0s if it meant not embarrassing ourselves like that and turning into the joke Pitt has become.

BURGH08 said...

"When a program puts itself out there like Pitt did by parading Dion and the Stache around the ESPN campus..."

You make it seem like they were knocking on ESPN's door asking to come in. They were invited. Foolish comment, but again, expected.

As for the other comments, all hating, jealous opinion that defeats any comments about how you don't care about Pitt. I guess getting thrashed over the weekend while they held players out will do that to a fan that lives and dies on every play.

Nice link though. They have any stats on students taking the seven year plan in blogging?

Adam said...

How is it foolish? If you want me to be fair to Pitt, it was just as stupid watching Matt Barkley and Jake Locker throwing at helmets. It's all showy, hype breeding bulls*** that any program with a shred of self respect would have the sense to avoid.

And the comments aren't "jealous hating opinion" they're fact. You can't changed 48-14. You can't change 23-7-1. You can't change one f***ing 10 win season in 25 years. It's right there in the numbers. Pitt IS NOT RELEVANT on a national scale, and the only thing to hate about it are folks like you who senselessly choose to believe that it is while taking misinformed swipes at Penn State along the way.

Honestly, I don't have a problem with anyone at Pitt. I love Jamie Dixon and I find the Stache lovingly amusing. I think Lewis and Baldwin are fun to watch and when Pitt does well, I don't lose an ounce of sleep over it.

It's yinzrs like you who make Pitt look bad and so easy to hate.

I hate Miami so much that I'll be rooting for Pitt next Thursday, but if the Panthers lose, I'll take plenty of satisfaction in knowing that a city full of Penn State-hating ignorants are miserable again.

O, and I don't know any Penn State fan who's all that upset about losing to Alabama. Great team, great tradition, great trip, great respect. We're a better football team for having played them, but I also have the two cents to know not to say "If we had played them next week we would have one" as appears to be the Pitt-er reaction to losing to Utah.

BURGH08 said...

"And the comments aren't "jealous hating opinion" they're fact. You can't changed 48-14. You can't change 23-7-1. You can't change one f***ing 10 win season in 25 years. It's right there in the numbers. Pitt IS NOT RELEVANT on a national scale, and the only thing to hate about it are folks like you who senselessly choose to believe that it is while taking misinformed swipes at Penn State along the way."

That's pretty comical. No hatred there, just put your opinion in CAPS and cite games from decades ago, but claim the last contest as "meaningless". Hook, line, and sinker.

By the way, if your opinion really is that about the outcome against Alabama, that says a lot more for how Penn State has declined. Thankfully, I know that many Penn State fans would think you were a dope for that opinion too.


WKC said...

Adam is not losing sleep over Pitt but posting at nearly two in the morning to tell you he isn't losing sleep over Pitt lol.

Like I said long ago, I dont think this guy even goes to PSU. Gives people that have interest in both programs a bad name. We looked like crap against Bama, and it was a joke. MOral victories are for losers.

Don't listen to this clown. he couldnt even make himself available to show himself at a game last year.

Still waiting Bozo.

Adam said...


The game isn't meaningless because it happened early last decade, it's meaningless because there was nothing on the line. Way to give the comment the proper context.

And Penn State has declined. People who would consider me a dope and choose to believe that it is are, in fact, dopes.

It sure as hell hasn't gone down the tubes like Pitt, though, which makes your stone throwing all the more hilarious.


Never claimed a moral victory, and I don't meet up with creeps on the internet.

The Abiding Dude said...

Geeeze-us Christ...what the fuck does Penn State have to do with any of this? A for sure first round pick has been lost for the season, FOR PITT. It has nothing to do with Penn State.

I was walking into the game Saturday, and some "fan" shouted PENN STATE SUCKS!!! and then just looked at me and my crew for a response. I told the kind gentleman that I could not care less about Penn State or a program that we don't play. He told me I wasn't truly a Pitt fan. Whatever...I'm over this whole debacle of Pitt/Penn State bullshit, it isn't relevant. What is though, is Romeus, more than likely, missing the entire season and in the process lowering his draft status.

Fuck am I tired of the Penn State noise brought up by Nitters in every gotdamned post.

Don said...

You Pitt fans are silly.

PSU is way more relevent than Pitt is and we have been since the 80's. Period. Not opinion, fact.

PSU lost to a really solid Alabama team. I honestly don't feel good about how we played, but like Adam said, we are a better team for having played them. We have a really young team and they (hopefully) learned a lot. Like I've said before, we are rebuilding this year, next year we beat Alabama.

Pitt on the other hand is supposed to be peaking this year. You guys are so disgusted with the inevitability of how your season will go this year (again), that you just like to take shots at PSU to make yourselves feel better. I heard nothing but Pitt this and Pitt that and Big Least Championship, blah, blah, blah all off season. It all means nothing, just another mediocre season for Pitt, a disappointed fan base and some piece of crap middle tier bowl.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I am so fucking sick of coming on here for any Pitt post and then having read a whole bunch of Penn State fan bullshit.

It is honestly gotten to a point where I don't come on here to read very often because I am sick of their arrogance and obsession with turning every Pitt post into how great PSU is and how bad Pitt sucks.

I have offered to meet Adam out at a bar in town so I could kick his ass all ove the place, but low and behold he didn't show.

Honestly, to the Nitters on here who have to give your PSU 2 cents on every Pitt post: FUCK OFF. Stick to BlackshoeDiaries or wherever else you go in your little corner of the blogosphere.

You are handsdown the MOST RIDICULOUS sycophants I have ever encountered in my entire life. I would rather watch WVU shit on Pitt's chest than have to hear you blow each other over your creamery, your imaginary NIT rings, women's volleyball, fish and wildlife programs, or blaming the one Pitt student in the bunch for 100+ Staters who were assaulting Ohio State fans.

You know, you knock Pitt fans for bringing up 12-0, but you have no problem jizzing on 48-14. Like it or not, Pitt won the last time these teams met; aren't those the cold hard facts you Kool-Aid chugging townies are all so obsessed with?!?!?

So Pitt wants to turn their program around, get some recognition, try to restore relevance and perhaps glory. What's the big deal about wanting to improve? Is that any worse than hanging on to the past for eternity? Seriously, you are all so warped that I actually pity you that you are posting about a school you love to call irrelevant at 2 AM!

BURGH08 said...

At the end of the day, Adam to me doesn't represent the PSU fans, at least the ones I know.

He references a game he likely wasn't born when it happened, or at the most was an infant. That would be like a Pitt fan citing the number of National Championships dating nearly a hundred years ago.

This has more to do with Adam simply being a troll. He is entertaining, though I see him less of a PSU fan and more of the pathetic type of fan that exists in this medium, and being exposed here on a regular basis.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with Burgh here. Adam is the one that tends to bring up PSU when they aren't really relevant. The weekly posts involving the updates in rankings that mention both teams I understand but the news that a Pitt player is injured isn't relevant to PSU.

How this post turned from 'Pitt player injured' to 'Pitt using it as an excuse' (which they haven't done yet cause they haven't played a game since it happened) to 'PSU beat Pitt this one time' is just nuts.

If a Pitt fan would come on and say Dion Lewis is the best tailback in the NCAA, I would enjoy talking and arguing about that. (Although I wouldn't use Royster as an example since he suddenly has the speed of Jerome Bettis in a 60 lb smaller frame). If you don't want to read this stuff though, just don't read it. Read the articles, read the comments you like and ignore the rest. Or do what most people do and ignore Adam at this point.

JW said...

Actually I think Adam is slipping: It took him an entire 15 minutes after the article was posted to rip Pitt. Seems like it usually only takes 4 or 5 minutes before his "Non-Nittany Sense" goes off...

BurressWithButterflywings said...


you are correct, i should just ignore that and obvisouly my rant was aimed at the previos posters above me, He who shall not be named and the other random trolls.

But I have really had enough of it.

BurressWithButterflywings said...