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This week, Ms. Hilton bring us five more topics to vote on and debate, including the pros and cons of trust funds, the world's best yachts, her five favorite champagnes, which caviars to avoid, when you've got the munchies, and clothing for your dog on $1,500 a day. 

But when I asked her for five sports topics for this week's Hot Button, we settled on Bill Leavy re-opening Super Bowl XL wounds for Seahawk fans, high expectations for the 2010 Pitt Panthers, the 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, your sports TV viewing preferences, and your favorite Pittsburgh venues to watch a game. Not quite the same topics, but close enough.

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

1. I still have ZERO idea why anyone outside of Seattle still cares about this. He didn't apologize after the game, the NFL head of officiating TWICE said everything was fine.

He probably just got sick of getting grief every year when he went to Seattle and decided to say something nice to them.

Trophy's still on the South Side, so who gives a shit?

2. I'm as big of a Pitt fan as they come. Why do I get the feeling that we're in for a heart break once again from these guys?

I just feel like we're always stuck amongst the Clemson's, Michigan State's, Oklahoma State's, and Texas Tech's of the world. ie. Always second tier and never breaking through when we're predicted to.

Sorry, that sounded really negative. Prove me wrong 'stache!! I'd love it!!

And hey, is that guy that calls everyone a fag going to chime in on this one? I love that guy.

3. Forbes Field first, Pitt Stadium 2nd. Forbes was torn down long before I was born. The Pirates played there for, what, 60 years or something? That doesn't happen very often. Plus, the Steelers played there and their early days too.

2nd is Pitt Stadium. Another venue that had a ridiculously long run in Pittsburgh (and that also housed the Steelers in their early days).

And there's something alluring about the fact that they were both in Oakland.

4. Regular season baseball by a hair. Preseason NFL games are such a tease. However, I'd rather watch a STEELERS preseason game over a regular season baseball game. Otherwise, I guess I'd take baseball.

5. The Bus picked a bad year to have his first year of eligibility. There's 3 HOF running backs, plus a couple of other deserving candidates this year.

They'll take two of the backs at the most, maybe 1 or 2 other 1st year eligible guys, and then 2 guys who've been on the ballot for awhile and keep getting passed over (possibly Chris Carter, Shannon Sharpe, or HOPEFULLY Dermontti Dawson).

Of the three backs, Faulk's gotta be first. Sorry. Martin's rushing numbers are slightly better, his receiving numbers are a lot better, but no ring. So if they take two backs, it's gonna be Faulk, and a possible toss-up between Martin and Bettis.

I'd gladly have The Bus wait a year or two if we could get Dirt Dawson in this year!

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

1. Non story & four years too late for me to give him any credit for owning up to what he perceives as mistakes.

2. Pitt has had one disappointing season after another lately. I said 'yes' they'll win, but i won't be surprised either way :-/

3. Consol. Can't wait! PNC park is gorgeous, but they can't compete (pun intended) with the other stadiums. The product on the field influences my decisions much more than purdy views 'n whatnot.

4. Regular season anything always beats preseason for me. I'm very very surprised by the ratings though. I know, us yinzers here in pittsburgh are definitely ready for football season to start, but i'm shocked that would be the case nationally! That being said, i'm gonna go ahead and kind of contradict myself. I'll be watching every stillers preseason game, but not bungal/cowgirls.

5. All three should get in, but it doesn't look good for their first yrs. If i have to choose one. It's, no question, Marshall Faulk. He was easily the most electrifying/game changing RB out of that group. If i had to pick 5 out of that group, it'd be: M. Faulk, D. Dawson, S. Sharpe, C. Carter, & D. Sanders. Apologies to Jerome & Curtis, they can get in the following year, the crop is just too thick next year.

@ LLismyHb - Amen! Let's get Dermonti in there!!! Sheesh, this is ridiculous!

Scott Zigarovich said...
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Scott Zigarovich said...

I would like to see Ricky "Running" Watters get in at some point in the future as well. He is a three time all pro, five time pro bowler, a super bowl champion, and he retired a top 15 career rusher. Yeah he would shoot off his mouth every now and then, but that really shouldn't overshadow his play on the field.