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Joe Paterno Nominated for Presidential Medal of Freedom

Technically this is old news since it happened on Sunday, but U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Pa, nominated Penn State coach Joe Paterno for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor a civilian can receive, in a letter to President Barack Obama. As you can see, this made JoePa very happy.

Jesse Owens, Richard Petty, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer and Roberto Clemente are previous winners of the award, which recognizes people who made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors." The award was started by President Truman in 1945 honor civilian service during World War II.

As most reading this well know, I am not a Penn State fan by any means, but I think  Paterno would be a very deserving recipient of this honor. Bear Bryant is the only other college football coach to receive this award, and John Wooden is the only college basketball coach to do so. Paterno has long ago cemented his legacy alongside those two coaching legends, and it would be in the best interests of President Obama to make this happen.

College Football Notebook: Paterno nominated for civilian medal [PG]


JW said...

Who read the letter to JoePa?

strugglingwriter said...

This is about all Glenn Thompson does. Votes against things and fishes for votes.

Wintermute said...

Not sure I see the logic here, and I don't really care much about college football (or Pitt, sorry), so this isn't anti-Penn St. bias.

Bryant and Wooden were giants of their sports, bringing wider popularity and changing the way it was played. Paterno was a really really good coach for a very very long time. So if that's all it takes, why not Bobby Bowdden or Lou Holtz? Why not Dean Smith or Coach K?

I think the nomination is reward enough in this case.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Now i love JoePa as much as the next guy (unless the next guy happens to be Penn State Adam or Illiterate Frank), but come on... what has Joe done to contribute "to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors." ??? Can anyone tell me? ...yeah, i thought so.

The fact that John Wooden & Bear Bryant & Richard Petty all won this award only shows that it isn't all that prestigious. Has Mel Gibson won one of these? Tracy Morgan? Meh... if the award isn't gonna go to deserving people, then it ain't worth crap. Don't just give it to sports celebrities to make headlines. This award, of all awards, shouldn't be about publicity. It should be about rewarding/recognizing people who do what's right BECAUSE IT'S RIGHT, and for no other reason. This is poop & our society should be ashamed of such occurences.

Adam said...

Well Meatballs, I'll tell you.

Joe Patero has donated a fortune back to the University. They didn't just name the Library after him to be nice and have a photo op, he built the damn thing on his own.

He's also funneled cash into building the new spiritual center on campus as well of a few other projects.

So for one, he's been instrumental in making Penn State University, forget the athletic program, a better place. If educating tomorrow's leaders, etc., doesn't contribute to the security of this country, I don't know what does.

Second of all, within athletics, Joe has a reputation that stands on it's own for turning out college graduates, something that's rubbed off on the rest of the athletic department. Penn State has one of the best academic progress rates across its athletic department of any school in the country.

That's all because of Joe Paterno.

While Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are in their offices skyping, texting, and facebooking recruits, Joe is working on projects and making sure his kids graduate. That's what makes him different.

He's more than a coach. Only people on this site would argue that he's not.

Anonymous said...

I see both sides of this. Stuff like this is a usually a waste of government time and is just used to get some good press and maybe pick up a few votes. If you get a chance go look at how many political figures have received this award.

However if they're gonna give it out I would say JoePa is as deserving as anyone. He's had a great graduation rate, helped build one of the larger state universities in the country, donated tons of cash, been a coach/mentor/teacher for hundreds of players. Also in a sport known for it's shady dealings, he hasn't had one NCAA violation. He's basically been a great guy on a big stage for a long time. If they're gonna give out these awards then why not him.

BURGH08 said...

I agree with you Clint. They are political and used for good press, and Paterno has the body of work for it.

Of course, Adam tries to take it to mouth slobbering levels, but not really surprising. Guess it shows not even Joe could toss out enough cash to help him.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@ Adam - I am aware of Joe Pa's contributions back to the university & i suppose that 'educating tomorrow's leaders' is a just arguement, but i still feel like this is much more of a vote grab than anything.

I mean, we are still at WAR. Right? Isn't there a more deserving candidate contributing "to security and national interests of the US" DURING FREAKING WARTIME than a college football coach??

That's all i'm trying to say. Joe Pa is a great man & has done an ass-ton of great/commendable things for PSU & i'm not trying to downplay his contributions... I'd have a lot less problem with this story if it were occurring during a time of peace.

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Garv said...

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Also, don't they only give the Medal of Freedom to dead people? Oh wait...

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