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Picture of the year candidate: Gotta love this shot of Jimmy Johnson's 1992 Cowboys staff, including UNC Coach Butch Davis (back left, with enormous sunglasses) and Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt (back right, with enormous Wannstache). [North Carolina Tar Heels]

Steigy controversy: I never really thought of Paul Steigerwald as controversial, but he really got some people's panties in a bunch with a joke about hockey star Hobey Baker's death in 1918. Too soon? Too soon. [Puck Daddy]

Santa Fleury: St. Nick suddenly looks curiously thin. I'd keep my eye on this. [Penguins Official Twitter]

Pitt wins big: The Panthers rolled to a 74-49 win over Ohio U. at the Pete on Tuesday night in the much-anticipated return of Gilbert Brown, who scored 11 and didn't miss a shot in 18 minutes. Ashton Gibbs poured in 15 for the 10-2 Panthers, while Brad Wanamaker added 10 assists and 10 boards.

Ohio had some incredibly bad shooting including 1-for-14 from guard DJ Cooper, 2-for-13 from forward DeVaughn Washington, and 1-for-7 from center Kenneth van Kempen. The Bobcats shot 23.9% (17 of 71) as a team on the night.

The Panthers are off until December 28, when they open Big East play at home against 7-4 DePaul. [ESPN]

Dino Tomlin questions his papa: At Mike Tomlin's weekly news conference, he revealed that even his eight-year-old son, Dino, asked him why he tried the onside kick against the Packers on Sunday. Wow, does this kid have "future NFL beat writer" written all over him. [WTAE]

Joe Namath's dogs might be a little bitey: Longtime readers know of my love of Joe Namath [chronicled here], but the charismatic QB from Beaver Falls is in the news today for a different reason.

A UPS driver is claiming that Namath's dogs bit him in 2007 during a delivery to Namath's West Palm Beach home, and the bites were so bad that the guy's needed four surgeries and hasn't worked since. Let's hope Joe doesn't go with the fur coat look for the court case. [WPXI]

Capps close to a decision: You would think Matt Capps was Mariano Rivera with the chronicling of his every move in free agency, but it appears that he's narrowed it down to two teams: the Cubs and Nationals. Former Pirates on both sides are trying to lure him. It's a classic battle: a tradition of losing against a newer tradition of losing. Who will it be? There's a pretty good chance I might not sleep tonight in anticipation of the news. [PBC Blog]

Nomar a Pirate? writer Jeff Pearlman tees off on small-market teams (most notably the Pirates) for signing crappy free agents every year, and predicts that the Buccos will sign Nomar Garciaparra or someone of that broken-down, overpaid ilk this year.

He also goes on to describe Kansas City Royal signee Jason Kendall as "a 35-year-old catcher and perhaps the game's worst player". So basically, this article has a few angles that may interest you. [SI]

Ifill picks Pitt: Highly-touted Penn Hills senior CB Brandon Ifill chose the Pitt Panthers over Maryland, so chalk another one up for Wanny. Ifill ranks as the #25 prospect in the state of Pennsylvania, a list that has Pitt locked in to eight of the state's top 30 players. Of course, Penn State has six of the top 10 on the same list, proving once again that Joe Paterno somehow continues to get it done in recruiting. [PG, Rivals]

Charleroi senior citizens lose Wii bowling National Title
: I thought the big postseason matchups with local ties went out the window when Pitt lost to Cincinnati, but it appears I missed one.

The Riverside Place Senior Center in Charleroi (of Mon Valley fame) recently advanced to the National Senior League bowling video game championships (played online), but unfortunately lost by 20 pins to a team from Florida in the finals. If they're anything like the other local teams, they probably blew a big lead late in the contest. [Observer Reporter]

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SantoGold said...

Double J in the middle of all the guys in hot pink shorts holding his rod, which is bigger than everyone else's.

"How 'bout them Cowboys!!!"

Adam said...

Pearlman is an unbelieveable tool. I encourage you if you have not already to head over to Bucs Dugout.

Unknown said...

Is that Norv Turner to Jimbo's left?

Steve said...

Until the Pirates do something to prove anyone who bashes them wrong, I'll give Pearlman's words more credit than that of Huntington, or Nutting even if he is a douche. That Pirates flavored Kool-Aid must still taste mighty good to some people, so good in fact, they take it anally.

@ John - Yeah, I was thinking that was Norv too.

BURGH08 said...

Pearlman writes on the level of Black Shoe Diaries. He is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with that story. It's easy to rip the Pirates and their managment on so many angles, but not that one.

That said, agree on not believing squat that comes out of the Pirates FO and ownership.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Definitely Norv Turner.

Adam said...

BURGH, I'm not sure where you were going with the shot at BSD, but I agree with your main point.

Anyone who believed some of the veterans the Pirates have brought in over the years were any more than spare parts were't diehards, so his attack on the (paying) fan base rings incredibly hollow.

And Steve, having faith isn't kool-aid drinking. When Huntington starts going the Littlefield route I'll be the first one standing in his yard with a carton of eggs. But ripping him blindly because he's still cleaning up Littlefield's mess is ignorant, so I'm not surpirised the opinion came from your mouth.

DarkHelmet said...

I would love to know what the ralph count was on that three hour tour on the high seas. My money says Jimmy Johnson was the first to lose it. I can't see wannatache having his sea legs either. Any way we can do a little investigative blogging on this one?