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With the season-ending status of WR Limas Sweed and Long Snapper Greg Warren, the Steelers had a few holes to fill, which they did today.

Joining the Steelers is fossilized yet speedy WR Joey Galloway, who was first-team All Big Ten in 1993, and LS Jared Retkofsky, the same guy who replaced Warren when he went down with an injury last season.

Both players were active in football for other organizations in 2009. After his release from Tampa Bay, Galloway was signed by New England but was released on October 20 when it was clearly not working there. He had seven catches for 67 yards in three games this season. As for Retkofsky, he played with the New York Sentinels in the inaugural season of the UFL in 2009.

The 38-year-old Galloway is from nearby Bellaire, Ohio, and is a part owner in the Arena League's Columbus Destroyers. He's apparently quite the entrepreneur, because he also owns a landscaping company in Dublin, Ohio, near Columbus. He played in Tampa for two seasons while Mike Tomlin was on the Bucs' coaching staff, and visited with the Steelers during this year's free agent signing period. He is a four-time Pro Bowl alternate (how many players can say that?) and has 689 catches for 10,777 yards in his 15-year career.

As for Sweed, Mike Tomlin would not elaborate on his condition out of respect for his privacy, but did say it was not football-related. Everyone knows that the guy's had a tough time since donning a Steeler uniform, so here's hoping he gets over whatever is ailing him.

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Real McCoy said...

Does anybody know what kind of money a guy like Retkofsky would get paid to come, possibly just for a couple of games?

How does that impact the salary cap? Are teams allowed to go over due to injury replacements?

Unknown said...

art, my question is why Galloway? unless Galloway plays corner, it will make no difference

is this a move they made in case they make the playoffs and play new englend?

either way, it seems pretty dumb...

Nate said...

Why not Galloway? The only other free agents were:

Bobby Engram (wholly unimpressive NFL career)

Drew Carter (Journeyman who didn't play at all last year

Robert Ferguson (Journeyman, best year
was for 500 yards)

Rod Gardner (Journeyman, hasn't played since 2006)

Darrell Jackson (not too bad.)

Brandon Lloyd (Journeyman, bad.)

Dane Looker (Career high 495 yards)

Justin McCareins (Coming off 3 sub-par seasons in a row)

Johnnie Morant (Former practice squader for Oakland, hasn't played since 2006, career high 70 yards)

Koren Robinson (Bust.)

Dominique Thompson (Former Rams practice squader, hasn't played since 2005)

Amani Toomer (Not a bad choice, but I like Galloway better)

Reggie Williams (Bad.)

Cedrick Wilson (We know all about him. Hasn't played since we cut him in '07.)

So it pretty much came down to Galloway, Toomer or Jackson. Of the three, I feel like Galloway was the best. Last time he was fully healthy he put up 1000+ receiving yards. He's old, but as a fill-in for crappy Limas Sweed, he's a solid, solid option.

Judge Smailes said...

What ever happened to Shawn McDonald, the veteran WR the Steelers signed in the off-season? He made the team out of training camp, but he's never dressed.

AJ said...

They cut McDonald a few weeks ago when they started adding all of those special teams "aces" to the roster.

Steve said...

Rumor is, Sweed has a severe case of Human Diamagnetism Syndrome (HDS). This condition causes objects of any organic or carbon based nature that come in proximity to him to be repelled.

While not a football related injury, it could explain a lot.

Louis Lipps no longer accepts my phone calls... said...

Why Galloway and not a corner?

Ummm... because they suddenly needed a 4th receiver because one of theirs went down late in the season. It's not rocket science.

The guy probably will barely see the field anyways.

I always wondered what happened to the guys from the old Giants receiving tandem, Ike Hilliard and Amani Toomer. They both played last year, but I haven't seen either of them this year. Were either of them available?