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--Everyone's emailing me this link about James Walker proclaiming Ben Roethlisberger's superiority over Eli Manning, and really, it's just common sense. I mean, who's really debating about this topic at this point in time (other than Matt Mosley)? It's like having a discussion about whether or not the Pirates will win the World Series this year: it's an argument that takes about two seconds to close the book on. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--Stan Savran has re-signed with FSN Pittsburgh as the primary host for Pirate and Penguin pre-game shows, the Mike Tomlin press conferences, and the Mike Tomlin Show. Sportsbeat, however, will end its 18-year run tonight. [Bob Smizik Blog]

--Jamie Dixon's under-19 team captured gold at the FIBA World Championships, ending an 18-year drought of gold medals for the U.S. with an 88-80 win over Greece. Pitt's Ashton Gibbs scored 13 in the final. [PG]

--Could a Freddy Sanchez-to-the-Giants deal include Zach Duke? Sure! Why not throw in Alvarez and McCutchen for good measure? [MLB Trade Rumors]

--Justin Hartwig has broken one of his toes when he dropped something on it. But what did he drop that would've caused a break? An anvil? A Super Bowl trophy? [Behind the Steel Curtain]

--Bloated comedian and noted Joe Buck-basher Artie Lange got a DUI over the break from taping the Howard Stern Show, but fear not: he says he's innocent. [TMZ]

--And finally, from A.J.: "Click this link, then be prepared to waste at least an hour."

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

Well, I think there are plenty of people on here that would fully support the trading of Zach Duke, especially if we got a proven A-ball reliever in return or a speedy corner OF who is 26 and still in AA and might hit 6 Home Runs a season?

I mean, those are great baseball moves by great baseball people, there is no financial motivation whatsoever in anything the Pirates do.They are just picking up building blocks for the future. And when the future gets here, we will trade them to get EVEN MORE building blocks for an even further off future.

Todd said...

Check out my blog its not as good as this but its worth reading.