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You're all familiar with the phrase "a very special episode". Diff'rent Strokes had one. Growing Pains had one. And now, Dave Dameshek on Demand has one.

Why is this a special episode? We won't exactly be tackling teen drinking or kidnapping. But if enough of you listen to this particular episode, my nerdy voice may become a weekly feature alongside Dave's. Which makes it somewhat special to me.

Before you quickly scurry for the "x" in the corner of your browser, take a quick look at the topics we'll be tackling in this installment:

--Pens/Capitals: It could do for hockey what Bird vs. Magic did for basketball. It's the series Gary Bettman (and fans of both teams) always dreamed of. And it starts tomorrow.

We'll talk about the past playoff history between these two teams, I'll compare Ovie to an NBA player you might not expect, and finally, we'll both make our predictions, which you can probably figure out already. But you don't know how many games.

--Pitt/Penn State: Dave and I both long for the day when these two teams renew their rivalry. Dave cynically thinks JoePa's latest statement about Pitt joining the Big East isn't with the best intentions. I just wish they could find common ground and settle it on the field.

--LeSean McCoy: Shady took a calculated risk leaving the Pitt Panthers for the riches of the NFL and ended up as a mid-2nd round pick. We'll talk about the situation he finds himself in now and how he could turn out as a pro.

--The Steelers' draft: The NFL is set up for all teams to go 8-8, yet teams like the Steelers usually do well while teams like the Bengals usually stink. Is this year's draft a reflection of their long-term philosophies?

--The Battlin' Bucs: Jaded as we are, Dave and I are both excited about ending April above .500. We'll talk about an offseason acquisition that went under the radar as well as hopes for the future and when the Pirates could really make some noise.

--The closing credits: Dave's '60s Spiderman cartoon-inspired theme song takes us to the weekend. What else can I say? The man has good taste in television.

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Steve said...

Well it looks like the Pirates shutout loss to the Reds has them back to .500 and playing like the Pirates team we all know and hate.

We're back to the good pitching, no bats/bad pitching, good bats kinda baseball that the Pirates are all about.

It was fun while it lasted but c'mon, did anyone really think this team would really be any different from the previous 16?

Sorry, I'm just not a glass is half full kinda guy, especially when it comes to the Pirates.

1 game over .500 at the end of April just means they'll be 7 games under by the end of May.

Here we go Steelers!

Dave said...

Enjoyed the podcast, but I have a small bone to pick with your Ovie/Vince Carter comparison. I think a more apt comparison would have been with Tracy McGrady, as he was consistently one of the best performers in the regular season but has failed to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs. Vince Carter however was one shot away from the NBA Finals in '01 but a three clanked in and out to send the Sixers along to eventual humiliation against the Lakers.

Suds said...

Typical yinzer Steve...

Why judge this year's team against the previous 16 years? What does it hurt to be optimistic about your hometown team?

I choose to root for my team game in, and game out. It sucks when they lose, but it's great when they win. Plus, it will make winning that much greater to say you survived the losest point and crawled out.

Plus, the players on the field deserve better. Not one is responsible or has been around for 16 years. They are "our" team. Why criticize them for someone else's faults?