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I've long been an admirer of the X-Men series, but the opportunity to meet any cast members has not yet happened for me. Luckily, this photo illustrates what set of circumstances can get you to the front of the line at the movie premiere in Tempe, Arizona:

1. Be a starter on a recent Super Bowl champion
2. Have arms like Colossus
3. Have a giant tattoo of Wolverine on your Colossus-sized arms

Now all I need is a photo of Chad Scott wearing that "X" jersey at training camp years ago and we'll be well on our way to a Steelers/X-Men photo gallery.

Noth signs up for 'Sex' sequel; Steeler goes to 'Wolverine' premiere [PG]

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Jeff_King_Fan said...

what's kurt russell doing in the background?

Unknown said...

why is hugh jackman giving the shocker?