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TWO OUTTA THREE AIN'T BAD just released their five best/five worst owner lists for each sport (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA), and you shouldn't be shocked to learn that Pittsburgh placed two ownership groups on the "best" list: Mario Lemieux & Ron Burkle (#3 in the NHL) and the Rooney family, #1 in the NFL. Mark Cuban, a Pittsburgh native and president of the Kenyon Martin Fan Club (WOW - has that gotten ugly), landed at #3 on the NBA list.

Under the guidance of their respective owners, the Penguins' value has increased from $95 million to $195 million, and the Steelers has shot from $2,500 to just over $1 billion. Both teams negotiated new stadium/arena deals, and both have been to their finals in the past year. Throw in their fanatical followings and solid futures and that's the recipe for good ownership.

In case you haven't yet noticed, the Pirates did not make the "best" list, but in a refreshing change, they didn't make the "worst" list either. The MLB award went to Baltimore's Peter Angelos, who's overseen quite a train wreck since taking over in 1993. Of course, they do have Matt Wieters to look forward to. But I digress. I'm too focused on hockey to pick on the Pirates today.

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Jeff_King_Fan said...

Does the Rooney Rule require one minority to be considered for the best ownership in sports?

Steve said...

When the Pirates are too pathetic to even be a punching bag (by anyone other than the Brewers), you know it's gotten as bad as it's gonna get.

But as they've proved before, it could always get worse.

Real McCoy said...

Meatloaf agress. Don't be sad.