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I get this emailed to me every couple of days. It's allegedly Alex Ovechkin's receipt from a strip club. Except one thing. It's not really his.


This is a screenshot of Mike Prisuta's final draft board. Obviously, someone wasn't surprised by that Heyward-Bey pick.



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--More great news from NBC regarding Saturday's Penguin broadcast. My sarcasm level = off the charts. [Empty Netters]

--ESPN's Dave Dameshek chats with John Buccigross about the second round series. And later in the week, Dave talks to yours truly. I'm sure the Ovie strip club receipt controversy will be discussed. []

--Mark Madden remains on fire, with an 11.6 rating in the new book. So congrats go out to him. As far as issues of sport, Double M likes the Dan Bylsma hiring... []

...and so does Bob Smizik. [Bob Smizik Blog]


--The Pirates quietly got swept in Milwaukee, where they've now lost 18 in a row. This is becoming their version of the Penguins in Philadelphia years ago. They'll regroup on Thursday and pick up play Friday against Cincy. Zach Duke faces off against ex-Bucco Bronson Arroyo, he of the 6.48 ERA. []

--Derek Bell's World Series ring fails to sell on eBay. Obviously, this was not won during his time as a Pirate. [Big League Stew]


--Cumulative draft grades have been calculated, and the Steelers are in the middle of the pack. Because we all now that championships are won the day after the draft, right? [Real Clear Sports]

--Did the Steelers find a sleeper in QB Mike Reilly? [Fanhouse]

--Falcons ink RB Verron Haynes to a contract. No, I didn't no he was still playing, either. [SI]

--Here's today's obligatory link on Frank "The Tank" Summers, who sounds like a goal-line back to me... [PG]

--Check out the new digs of Big Ben News, the #1 site for all things Roethlisbergian.

--The clever Patriots stockpiled 32 7th round picks for the 2010 NFL draft. [Sports Pickle]

--"Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals"? Yes, please! [Deadspin]


--The Pitt Panthers are ranked #24 in extremely early college basketball rankings from Andy Katz. [ESPN]

--Ever notice pitchman extraordinare Billy Mays' rampant Pittsburghese? [PG]

--For the numerous Howard Stern fans that read this site: are you aware KDKA has a Tradio show? Oh, the possibilities. If you're not in on the joke, listen to the YouTube clip below. []

--Seinfeld's Soup Nazi is a pitchman for a Pittsburgh business. And no, it's not for soup. [NY Post]

--Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Washington, PA? Oh, it's true. []

--Vanilla Ice was at McFadden's in Pittsburgh recently to host a birthday bash. Unfortunately, my invite got lost in the mail. [WPXI]
--And Nick Nolte is in town too? What, is VH1 shooting some kind of reality show? [WPXI]

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Chris Flecker said...

I knew there was something fishy with the $275 lap dance from Tiffany. There's not a lap dance in the world worth that much.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Ovechkin may ask to be traded to Pittsburgh when he discovers Erotica dances are only 25 bucks. I've never actually paid but I have stood behind someone who did.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

I heard you can get the Swine Flu from a Yana lap dance. Good job Alex, you weird russian looking freak.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

You can get one for gratuity only at Jezebelle's....

Steve said...

C'mon people read the story, This was paid for in Rand, not Dollars and if you do the conversion, it's one hell of a good deal. 9,146 Rand equals $1,083 dollars.

Try getting a lap dance for $32.50 and 24 beers for $32 anywhere in the Burgh that doesn't have 40-year old strippers with c-section scars that put their own quarters in the juke box to dance.

Almost worth a plane ticket to South Africa for what you can save compared to any run of the mill strip club in the USA.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Jezzebelle's is all you drink for $11 and the strippers aren't 40. Although some do have C-scars and I swear at least one was pregnant.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

The Sporting News gave the Steelers draft an F. What is the deal with that? We filled needs, didn't reach on anyone, and our one trade wasn't anything risky. What's the deal Sporting News?

Has anyone read their rationale for giving us an F?

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Even with the conversions you're still saving $7.50 at Erotica, and not dealing with as many flies.