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First, NBC lost the guy who drove around the country in a bus. Now, it appears that they're going to part ways with the Bus himself.

As per Newsday's Neil Best, Bettis' contract with NBC is not likely to be renewed following his third season with the network. Best tosses around the possibility of NBC bringing in Brett Favre, but I'm not buying that until an entire regular season goes by with Favre sitting on the sidelines.

While Bettis has a likable persona, some have speculated that he's been a bit of a letdown in television broadcasting. Personally, I think it's hard for anybody to stand out in the battle for face time that is football on NBC, so if this partnership ultimately doesn't work out for The Bus, I'm sure he can park at a different network with little effort.

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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

NBC's choice to not renew Bettis' contract is not a surpise. I loved Bettis as a player but as an analyst he never really said anything interesting or controversial.

AJ said...

He did say that Cowher was going to retire about 6 months before Cowher actually retired.

Unfortunately it sounded like he had a sandwich in his mouth when he said it, which is probably the main reason he is getting canned.

PittCheMBA said...

JB cashed in on his 15 minutes of fame after the Superbowl. He tried to portray an image of a loveable, huggable, teddy bear with "inside" knowledge of all things Steelers. He was not consistent with his opinions and changed his opinion like Arlen Specter switched political parties. He may be better suited for a smaller, local market, like Pittsburgh or 0-16 Detroit, instead of the national market. Some local media outlet in Pittsburgh will probably sign him on during the football season as a seasonal analyst.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

Hey did you guys know that Bettis is from Detroit?