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--In James Harrison's final collegiate game, he sacked Ben Roethlisberger five times, with 12 tackles and a forced fumble in a 24-20 Kent State victory over Miami, Ohio. So were all the scouts sleeping that day, or just some of them? [PG]

--Speaking of the PG and James Harrison, can someone explain their initial article on his signing? Yikes. [Elvis Has Left]

--The upcoming Steeler basketball game at Slippery Rock will feature Troy Polamalu, Willie Parker, and James Harrison, among others. Translation: bring your sharpies. [The Online Rocket]

--Did you know: there's a Crosby Trucking Company in Sidney, Ohio? [Fox Sports]

--Steve Braband needs your help: someone give him an interesting angle for a Pens-Flyers bet with his Flyer-loving girlfriend! [Steve is Alive]

--Is the World Cup coming to Heinz Field in 2018 or 2022? [Pittsburgh Business Times]

--This Colorado guy plans on keeping his 1997 Mercury Cougar until it hits 500,000 miles. Of course, it would make natural sense that in the heart of Bronco country, he's got a giant Steeler decal on the side of his ride.

--And in closing: Pittsburgh's own Liz Keptner, co-anchor of Eyewitness News This Morning on CBS 3 in Philadelphia, describes herself as a daily reader of Mondesi's House, which is pretty neat. But even cooler than that is this video of Liz's dad (who still resides in Pittsburgh) talking trash on the morning show with CBS 3's Ukee Washington prior to last year's Pens-Flyers series/beatdown.

Liz says that a sequel call for this year's series might be in the works, and I can only hope that happens. Cause this guy can bring it.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting that according to the article on the World Cup that Beaver Stadium is now in Harrisburg. Hopefully State College made out pretty well in return for giving it up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Private Warren moved it.

(Let's see who gets that one.)

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

that guy can talk some good smack for an old dude.

Unknown said...

steelers @ baltimore sunday night nov. 29th.

jmarinara said...

That smack talk video was awesome. The anchor was typical Philadelphia, "crosby has 12 assists but few goals" (Yeah, you know that those 12 assists led to 12 GOALS, right?) "Just like a Steeler fan, living in the past" Yeah, like 2005. And this year, 2008.

Suck it Philly. And I think we need to buy that old guy a beer.