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After Byron Leftwich turned his nose at the Steelers' insulting offer of the league minimum in favor of a two-year, $7.5 million deal with Tampa, a gaping hole remained in the team's QB depth chart. In stepped Homestead's Charlie Batch to save the day, signing a one-year, $895,000 deal to stay with the team today.

The 34-year-old Batch, who joined the Steelers in 2002, has played in 22 games and started four during his time here, earning two Super Bowl rings in the process. He's an 11-year NFL veteran, entering the league as a second-round draft pick of the Detroit Lions in 1998. Batch was chosen ahead of players such as Hines Ward, Ahman Green, and Jeremiah Trotter, as well as quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Brian Griese.

As we all know, Batch watched from the sidelines in 2008 with a broken clavicle that landed him on IR. In his place, Leftwich played admirably, but aspired for a starting job. Fortunately or unfortunately, that ship sailed for Batch a long time ago, and he's proven to be comfortable with his role as backup for Ben Roethlisberger.

Batch is beloved in his hometown and is one of the most popular Steelers off the field, due in no small part to his Batch Foundation and his charismatic personality, often displayed on WDVE's morning show. He will be welcomed back by Steeler Nation with open arms.

Steelers Keep Batch as Backup [ESPN]

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Real McCoy said...

I think this was very much expected, but still nice to see it wrapped up.

Seems like the rare "win/win".

Batch has proven to be capable at filling in when needed. He understands his role and is not causing any problems like the infamous Bubby Brister and his "I don't mop up for nobody" attitude.

By all accounts Charlie is a great influence in the locker room and had a positive role in the Santonio Holmes arrest and missed game. Mending fences with his teammates. Not bad for a guy on IR.

Penn.DOT(DadOf2) said...

I really think that all parties are happy with this one. Charlie is an excellent back-up to Big Ben, as he has proven since arriving in the 'Burgh. He's got 2 rings, and a fanbase in the community that almost any other NFLer would die for. Good work in getting this done and over with. Now, let's begin working on #7 bringing home #7!!! Go Steelers!!!!!