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I'm sure Steeler fans will remember the name Chukky Okobi. After a college career snapping the ball to Drew Brees at Purdue, Okobi was a fifth-round pick in 2001 by the Black and Gold. Between 2002-2006, Okobi appeared in all but four games for the Steelers, starting seven times in place of Jeff Hartings. Many thought he would be Hartings' eventual successor, but the coaching change from Bill Cowher to Mike Tomlin would end up simultaneously ending the Okobi Era in Pittsburgh. He would be released by the Steelers on September 1, 2007, to be picked up by Ken Whisehunt and the Arizona Cardinals shortly thereafter. He was released by the Cardinals on October 30, 2007, just a short while after the Steelers played his new team. Curious, indeed.

Okobi signed with Houston in January of 2008, but was placed on IR with a triceps injury in May, reaching an injury settlement last June. With his NFL career in the rear-view mirror, it was time to do some business. And Okobi has.

WPXI recently featured Okobi's newest venture, a Shadyside mansion ("The Mansion at Maple Heights") that's available for private events and corporate functions. Sounds pretty swanky:

"The interior of the home was detailed with dark oak paneling and hard wood floors. The library, foyer and landing of the grand master staircase are stunning with leaded glass and stained glass windows which illuminate this spectacular space with light. The large living room was used as a music room and is adorned with regal crown molding and an ornate limestone fireplace. The dining room has many period details including a cleverly hidden speakeasy that was used to hide liquor during Prohibition."

Okobi also got into the club business in 2008, opening "Crush" in the Strip District with a Max Starks-hosted kickoff last November:
Rarely do you see a combination of NFL size and entrepreneurial spirit, but Okobi certainly seems serious about his post-football career, which many former players, sadly, are not. In fact, 78% of former NFL players are bankrupt or under financial stress within two years of retirement. If things go right for Okobi, maybe he can find another career: preaching to young NFL players about planning for life after football.

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Nye said...

In the same vein:

tecmo said...


I met up and interviewed Amos at his restaurant with another Steelers blogger.

He's a great guy, and the restaurant is sick

Nye said...

Nice, thanks!

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I remember delivering a pizza to that place and getting stiffed on a tip.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Did anyone read the article in SI recently about poor investments by pro athletes? Long story short, many players who try to "invest" their money make poor decisions and invest in business ventures doomed to failure, eg. car dealerships, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Good luck Chuckky.