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--Good news: James Harrison's agent says a new deal to keep Silverback a Steeler is "very close". Can't wait to hear some financial details. [Trib]

--The Steelers followed through on their contract offer to Byron Leftwich, but their two-year proposal is only for the veteran minimum. I suppose beggars can't be choosers, and the Steelers are fully aware of that fact, too. [PG]

--Miroslav Satan is back! Try to contain your excitement. As you can see, I could not. []

--The Pirates have restored the section of Forbes Field wall that saw Bill Mazeroski's home run going sailing over it in 1960, and it will be on display on the riverwalk behind PNC Park. [ESPN]

--The Penguins, their fans, and their corporate partners raised over $100,000 last night for the Fallen Heroes Fund. [KDKA]

--Former Steeler TE Jon Dekker was acquitted on his obstruction of justice charge stemming from a January arrest. [WPXI]

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Jeff_King_Fan said...

Have the Steelers even thought about bringing in a guy like Marvin Harrison? Nobody has made him an offer, and his asking price should go down.

RedHawks Hockey said...

steelers would never bring him in. guy is a cancer in the locker room and comes with alot of skeletons in the closet

Unknown said...

Not to mention that he can't play anymore.

Adam said...

Hey, maybe you should mention the 6000 people that showed up at Temple West's spring game on Saturday. I'm sure all you Adam/Penn State haters were there thought, cuz you're diehards.

Unknown said...

Maybe you should fish for internet flame wars some more, because you're not a douche.

NickDawg said...

Adam go back to shinning your NIT trophy

okel dokel said...

Adam please stop trying to create a nonversation. Someone needs to teabag you so you will STFU.