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The Steelers' prospect parade continued on Thursday, and defense was the theme of the day. Stopping by to get an up-close view of what a championship organization looks like were:

CB Donald Washington of Ohio State

-Jumped "through the roof" at the NFL combine
-Scouting report calls him a natural athlete who did not play up to his talent level at OSU
-Draft Countdown rank: #21 CB, with the dreaded "character concerns"

CB Don Carey of Norfolk State

-Blogged from the NFL combine! We have to draft him now.
-Four year starter, albeit against lower-level competition
-Projected as a mid-rounder
-Had a chance to go to Yale
-Draft Countdown rank: #26 CB

CB Sherrod Martin of Troy

-Before you totally dismiss Troy as a small school, remember that it's produced Osi Umenyiora, DeMarcus Ware and Leodis McKelvin.
-Will be a 25-year-old rookie
-Draft Countdown rank: #9 CB

LB/DE Lawrence Sidbury of Richmond

-Projected 2nd or 3rd-rounder
-Tons of upside
-Could be a bit of a workout warrior
-Draft Countdown rank: #9 DE

Four more college players visit Steelers [PG]

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Justin said...

norfolk state, troy and richmond? is kevin colbert trying to sabotage the team and leave for cleveland?

the nigerian nightmare said...

OK, so I read the article about the dude who could've went to Yale but ended up at Norfolk State instead. It says that he got accepted into Yale, but didn't get a scholarship to play football. Obviously this kid had to be pretty good out of HS to be a draft prospect now, so my question is how the hell did he get accepted to Yale and they DONT give him a football scholarship?! I would think that Yale isn't exactly holding onto those football scholarships like golden tickets considering their football tradition.

okel dokel said...

Ivy League schools do not offer athletic scholarships, although they have been known to give athletes they want academic scholarships.

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