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The NFL just released the 2009 preseason schedule, and I know no one cares about the preseason, but I'm going to mention it anyway.

The Steelers will open on August 13 at Heinz Field as they host the Arizona Cardinals on ESPN in a rematch of Super Bowl 43. Perhaps this time Kurt Warner won't throw a backbreaking interception before the end of the first half. We'll also get a good look at Bryant McFadden in his new uniform.

The Steelers then travel to Washington for some time with Albert Haynesworth in Week 2, followed by a home date with Terrell Owens and the Buffalo Bills in Week 3. The preseason closes up the weekend of September 3/4 with the Steelers traveling to take on the Carolina Panthers. That makes me smile, because a 2007 Steelers-Panthers preseason game would turn out to become one of my all-time favorite posts, forever burning the image of a Ricardo Colclough jersey in my brain for all the wrong reasons.

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