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I played in many a game of kickball as a young blogger-to-be, but not once did any contest result in the discovery of a human skull. Which is exactly what happened to some kids playing some kickball in South Franklin Township of Washington County on Saturday. From WTAE, which adds video:

According to investigators, the children were playing in a yard on Jolly School Road around 5:30 p.m. Saturday when they found the skull on top of a tree stump. Coroner Tim Warco said he'll have the skull examined by two forensic scientists, including Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat, an anthropologist at Mercyhurst College in Erie. Dirkmaat is an expert at examining human remains.

I'm pretty sure if this happened to a six-year-old version of me, I'd still be having nightmares. And I'm also sure I'd announce my retirement from kickball the day after.

Kickball Game Finds Skull In Yard [WTAE]

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AJ said...

Lucky those kids aren't in my kickball league... I think there is a rule that if you find a skull in the field of play, you have to chug a Pabst out of it.

jmarinara said...

They found a skull. . . ON A TREE STUMP???

A tree stump. Not buried in the ground, or under a bush, or even inside a hollow tree. But in a tree stump.

Am I the only one who thinks this is oddest aspect of this entire story?