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Pretend you're an NFL prospect for a second. You've left school a year early. The pressure to raise your draft stock is mounting. Drew Rosenhaus is in one ear, Bill Parcells in the other. And now, after being treated like a piece of meat, you're given the Wonderlic test for one more measurement of who you are.

Well, now's your chance to prove you're smarter than Vince Young, because ESPN has a simulation of the Wonderlic exam that you can take right now. You have four minutes to answer 15 questions. Your future may be riding on it. GO!

The Wonderlic Exam [ESPN Page 2]

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LeeTunnel said...

I got to take the real Wonderlic for a job interview several years ago. 41. And seriously, if you score a 6 or whatever VY did, you have serious issues. Not at all difficult.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I took a Wonderlic test last year and got a 40 and finished in about 2.5 minutes. A 6 is terrible, i mean, if rope is .10 per foot, how much you you get for 60 cents?

I got 14/15 on the one on and did it in about 3 minutes because i wasted a little bit of time on the 2,400 words per page question, which i got wrong anyways.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you how absolutely retarded some football players have to be.