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"I found this shirt in China today, and it seems to match the hat from Mr. Rooney at the trophy
presentation. The hats were probably made in China anyway, am I sensing a connection??" -- James S., China


Iceburgh appears in an ESPN commercial, clearly his greatest acting job since Sudden Death:


"You have got to see this footage from The Today's Show's story this morning about the 11-year-old Western Pennsylvanian kid who killed his father's girlfriend.

It's a tragic story, obviously, and they get some perspective from the deceased woman's father. Imagine you're him: your 9-months-pregnant, 26-year-old daughter has just been killed by her boyfriend's 11-year-old kid, using a 20-gage shotgun given to him for Christmas. The story has understandably captured the attention of the national media. You're about to be interviewed for a story that will go coast to coast. What do you wear?

Clearly, you wear your #39 away jersey, and a Steelers hat so yellow it would be visible from space. But what really puts it over the edge for me is that he seems to have also pinned a Roethlisberger button on to the jersey..." -- Zach H.


--Well, the Panthers lasted all of one day as the #1 team in the nation before losing at the freaking Dunkin Donuts Center to Providence, 81-73. Ugh. They just insist on making a #1 seed as difficult as possible.

As is the case in Pitt losses, Dejuan Blair had foul problems, exiting the game for good in the final minute. He led Pitt with 17 points and eight rebounds in 30 minutes. But the real story on the night was turnovers, and Levance Fields and Sam Young combined for nine, half of the Panthers' nauseating 18 in the game. Find me a barf bag.

A Saturday meeting at Seton Hall (5-9, 14-12) is next. [ESPN]

--Speaking of Seton Hall, don't forget that they've got former Aliquippa star Herb Pope on the way next season. [Varsity Blog]


--John Buccigross stirs the Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin pot some more by comparing Sid to a 78-year-old Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino. [ESPN]

--Then there's Rob Rossi's "trade Crosby" theory... [FanHouse]

--Not to be outdone, I present "Perspective: Ovie's cooler than Crosby". Anyone else want to dump on the Pens? []

--Thankfully, The Pensblog balances out the universe by calling out Sid-hating Chris Cooley. [The Pensblog]

--45-year-old Chris Cichocki is your Baby Pens interim coach. []

--Pens 'n' Pins is a big success. And why not, with shirts like that. [PB&G]

--Mark Madden wonders where in the world Matt Cooke is during all this. I think he's busy not reminding us of Jarkko Ruutu. [WXDX]

--The Pens' new system is a concern for Marc-Andre Fleury. Fantastic. The hits just keep on coming.... [TSN] I close with the news that Sidney Crosby hurt his groin in practice. [WTAE]

The Pens' 2008-09 season is starting to remind me of that episode of The Simpsons where a hurricane went through Springfield and destroyed everything near and dear to Ned Flanders, totally crushing his spirit. "Ned, we have some great news!" "What, did the rubble burn down?"


--Looks like Tennessee might be the front-runner to overpay Nate Washington. [Nashville City Paper]

--Signed Santonio Holmes Super Bowl DVDs are starting to pop up on eBay. The Best Buy receipts are serving as the certificate of authenticity. A couple of the Hines Ward-signed versions are for sale as well. [eBay]

--Here's a handy guide to what the Steelers could and should do in the offseason. Sadly, it looks as if Mitch Berger has attempted his last awful punt in the black and gold. [Yahoo!]

--Great article on pending free agent Bryant McFadden, another player who I fear will no longer be donning a Steeler uni next fall. [Behind the Steel Curtain]

--ESPN 1250 now has an archive of all Steeler-related podcasts, including Tuesday's Lunch with a Legend featuring Andy Russell and Mike Wagner. [Stillers 365]

--Here's the resume of Thomas Tull, a Hollywood producer possibly buying into the Steelers: Superman Returns, 300, Beerfest, Dark Knight, We are Marshall, Watchmen, etc., etc. Yeah, he probably has a few bucks. [IMDB, PG]


--So how do the economics of UConn basketball really break down, Jim Calhoun? [Deadspin]


--Pedro Alvarez is Baseball America's #12 prospect, and Andrew McCutchen is #33. That's good news. But guess who's #1? Does the name Matt Wieters ring a bell? [Baseball America]

--Nine member of the Bucco organization will suit up for the World Baseball Classic. Hopefully they're not on the same team. []

--Everyone's trying to make heads or tails of the story involving Pirate Andy Phillips and a porn star. Which reminds me...who's Andy Phillips? [Deadspin]

--Now this is a great Mickey Mantle autographed baseball! [SPORTSbyBROOKS]


--Fast food: ads vs. reality. I love these. []

--The Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament is down to the Elite 8 over at Sean's Ramblings, and voting resumes on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

What a post.

Tons of great stuff in there.

SantoGold said...

Providence 81
Pitt 73

Remind me again why Pitt's performance in this year's NCAA tourney is going to be different than all of their other previous NCAA tourneys?

okel dokel said...


My feelings exactly; they get my hopes up and then lose to Providence?

On to another topic - The Pens just look lifeless; it would not surprise me if they do not make the playoffs.

I think Mr. Madden summed up what is needed for AO. I think the whole league should start "sending him a message" not just the Pens.

That said, AO is pretty damn good.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Last time I checked, about 3 minutes ago, Sid and A.O. have the same amount of points this season.

Each has one scoring title and each has 1 MVP award.

People want to come out and attack Crosby beacuse he wants to win, takes exception to headhunting cheapshotters (which he deals with game in and game out), and is constantly being told he is not as good as advertised.

Hmm, he is tied for 2nd in the league in points and plays with Pascal Dupuis and Tyler Kennedy on his wings. I would say this guy has some level of talent. He just has humility and nobody likes a player that isn't going to showboat, especially not when he plays in Pittsburgh.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Looks like the heat lamp at Arby's broke again. It's not a coincidence you see employees sitting down in the sandwich area.