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There's not much that inspires me to post on a Saturday morning at 8 AM, but the Pirates signing of Pedro Alvarez has done just that; it's also the first occasion that I chose to use a dated Borat quote as the title of a post.
As per Dejan Kovacevic, who never rests in his quest for Pirate news, the deal was reached at 11:59 PM last night by Scott Boras and Neal Hungtington, who both seem to enjoy using every last minute possible in negotations. I'm just glad Huntington has an accurate clock, because he also used a similar tactic in making Jason Bay a member of the Red Sox a few weeks ago.
If this signing doesn't indicate that the Pirates at least appear on the surface to be serious about winning in the future, you're a more jaded fan than I. The greatest part of the pick is that Alvarez is not a pitcher and doesn't have a pre-scheduled appointment with Dr. James Andrews, as per the agreement with previous Pirates first-round picks.
So here are the specs on the deal: Alvarez gets the largest bonus in team history ($6 million) plus the remainder of his college tuition, and a minor (not major) league contract. The Pirates spent nearly $10 million on this draft class, which was $2 million more than any team spent on the draft last year, the Yankees being the high at $7.655 million. Excuse me while I faint.
OK, I'm back. Smelling salts are a good thing. The only bad news about the draft class is that the Buccos couldn't sign 2nd-round pick Tanner Scheppers, but he and his torn labrum can go fly a kite for all I care. We need to make baby steps here. We're a year removed from drafting Danny Moskos over Matt Wieters and adding Matt Morris shortly thereafter. Pirates fans should be dancing in the streets. Sure, Scheppers would have been an intriguing player to have in the organization, but not at top-10 money. And guess what? Compensatory pick, baby! The Pirates' comp pick will be the third of the second round.
Thus concludes the drama of the 2008 Pedro Alvarez Saga. I'm thinking the Pirates may have at least one more really high pick in line next year, then I'm hoping that they go more in the Penguin direction of quickly moving down the draft order in subsequent years thereafter. With a nucleus of Alvarez, Jose Tabata, Andrew McCutchen, the Deadline Boys and surely some of the 31 other players the Pirates drafted this year, I'm hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

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