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Earlier this afternoon, the Pirates consummated a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays that sent 3B Jose Bautista north of the border for the always-intriguing Minor Leaguer To Be Named Later.
Rather than bore you with statistics, I'll limit my coverage to an email that our very own A.J. sent me a few hours after the deal that pretty much summarizes what it's like to be a baseball fan in Pittsburgh in August:
"So... let me explain the situation. I just got home from work a while ago and am relaxing on the couch as I type this on my laptop. I just watched the sports segment with Fedko on the Channel 11 News.

Lead off story... Steelers/Farrior contract, followed by Tomlin talking about Saturday, cutaway to Rich Walsh at Steelers HQ talking about the defense and Polamalu. Then a mention on Gene Upshaw passing with subsequent interview with Charlie Batch (Steelers NFLPA rep). Next... a season preview of Baldwin High School's football team complete with shots of practice and an interview with one of the greatest yinzer coaches in the WPIAL (he actually tagged a sentence with the term "and stuff n'at"... that's like a double n'at... awesome) the sports segment is wrapping up... almost as an afterthought... Fedko throws in (almost speed reading to end the segment before they go to commercial).. and the Pirates trade Jose Bautista to Toronto for a player to be named later.

Gotta love Pittsburgh baseball come August... a somewhat significant personnel move is almost forgotten, tucked away in a newscast behind a mention of a dead Oakland Raider and pre season high school football. Awesome.

I truly forget what it feels like to even give the slightest of s**ts about baseball at this time of year. I bet it must be nice... but I can't recall."
Well said, A.J. But did you hear we signed Pedro Alvarez?


Nate said...

Jose Bautista played in the Futures Game? Wow...

Anonymous said...

Sensible deal for TO.

Scott Rolen's shoulder went wonky, and there is no one else to regularly play 3rd, since Scutaro is basically tag teaming second base and shortstop depending which day it is, thanks to the Aaron Hill injury.

The young guys in the system (Ahrens, Jackson, Campbell, Tolisano) aren't ready yet, so someone has to fill the void.

And hey, at 12 HR, he's already leading my power-deprived club in jacks. Whoever thought he could do THAT???

Gary said...

"Somewhat significant" personnel move? A .242 hitter from a last place team who was just demoted to the minor leagues gets traded after they took away his starting job. That's "somewhat significant?" I guess you would have been shocked when they non-tendered him in the offseason then.

okel dokel said...

Wow, the Pirates. Are they still playing baseball?

It looks like Huntington can't get rid of Littlefield's "projects" fast enough.

Anonymous said...

was he drunk when he signed that bottom signature

Will said...

amazing, it doesn't even look like there's a "u" in the signature.