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Anyone else intrigued by the ongoing Jason Taylor saga? If you haven't been paying attention to the Miami Dolphins' offseason, you probably aren't aware that the former Defensive Player of the Year (and Pittsburgher) is rather focused on his dancing/post-football career these days.

The blog Sean's Ramblings noted that on the recent season finale of Dancing With the Stars, JT remarked that dancing partner Edyta Sliwinska was the best coach he ever had.

And while she's certainly in better shape than legendary Woodland Hills coach George Novak (who coached Taylor during his teenage years), it was a pretty big shot at all of Taylor's former coaches, a list that includes Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, and Dave Wannstedt. Although I'm pretty sure Edyta is a better coach at anything than Cam Cameron and Jim Bates.

It's pretty easy to see where Taylor is going with this. He knows that his football career is close to the end, the Dolphins were 1-15 last year and in total rebuild mode, and now they're being run by a tyrant and all of his minions who are already giving him the cold shoulder. His ongoing soap opera with The Tuna has become to what Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie are to WWTDD, with daily updates on who said what.

The Dolphins attempted to deal Tayor to the Jaguars, but that now looks like a dead end. So it may come down to who blinks first. Taylor is apparently not going to attend offseason workouts or training camp, usually the precursor to a lengthy holdout. Check that, it's actually the definition of a holdout.

So how far is Taylor going to take this? Only Coach Edyta may know.

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