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--The Penguins were shut out by Philadelphia in a sloppy regular season finale (sans Sidney Crosby), setting up a first-round playoff matchup with Ottawa. Game One is Wednesday at Mellon Arena. Good tickets not available, unless you feel like dropping a minimum of $149.

--The Pirates' Home Opener is this afternoon, and Mondesi's House will have in-person coverage later this evening.
--Moon's John Calipari goes for his first championship tonight against the Kansas "Almost Blew a 28-Point 1st Half Lead" Jayhawks.
--Ian Snell fans 10 in the Pirates 9-2 victory over Florida. The Buccos sit at .500, the hallowed mark that everyone wishes for. No so great, is it?

--After his hot March (1 game), Adam LaRoche is 2-22 on the season.
--Jack Wilson is on the DL, so enjoy your glimpse at Brian Bixler.
--Three bloggers have died in the last few months of heart-related conditions. What can I say? It's a dangerous job. will do all they can to prevent criticism of Emmitt Smith. Try all you want, it's still going to happen.

--Did you know that 34 pizza shops in New York City claim to be famous/original Ray's?

--A Johnstown man stole $40 and a donut from Donut Connection, but he didn't make it too far.

--A Dick Vitale Hooters ad was pulled from the Final Four program.

--Is Rich Rodriguez to blame for Pacman Jones & Chris Henry? Let's just say "he didn't help."

--Questions about Derrick Rose seem to bother Derrick Rose...especially when they aren’t directed to Derrick Rose.

--Auburn DL/LB Quentin Groves pulls no punches: he wants to be a Steeler.

--Anyone care to explain what's on Jake Peavy's hand?

--Former Pimp/LB Richard Seigler takes his act to Canada. The football act, I presume.

--The Wedding Singer musical is coming to Pittsburgh. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are not.

--Megan from Johnstown won MTV's That's Amore last night. Straight Outta Johnstown is quite thrilled.

--Michael Vick=Paul Crewe.

--Hollywood legend Charlton Heston dies at 84.
--A 145-year-old secret, worth $20 million, lies buried somewhere in the Dents Run area of rugged Elk County. Or not. is looking for a caption to match this bizarro photo:

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Jim said...

I'm a Pittsburgh ex-pat living in New York and I'm amazed at how many famous Ray's Pizzas there are here. It seems like there's one on every corner around here. I seriously have no idea where the original one is. I think after I make some money here, I might open one up myself.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time at any of the Ray's. Go to Traviata at 68th & Columbus and bring a glass to collect the grease run-off. It makes a tasty treat.

Anonymous said...

But so far I've only seen one place that calls itself "Not Ray's Pizza."