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Terrelle Pryor Likes Obama and Eva Mendes

King Pryor recently notched another honor, that being named the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Player of the Year in basketball. And with that honor comes a brief Q&A and a dramatic photo op with four other players who don't have their own action figures.

In the accompanying article, the brief interview with the Royal Highness gives a rare glimpse into his non-sports mind.

Pryor said Barack Obama should be President, an answer you may or may not agree with, but nonetheless an answer more responsible than fellow Fab-5 honoree Deandre Kane's answer of "Kobe Bryant". Unless Kobe can use his jumper to somehow get the price of gas to less than $3.35 a gallon, for which he would probably score a good number of votes.

Pryor's dream prom date was revealed to be Eva Mendes, which might be a problem for another athlete in town.

Pryor also said he's addicted to weightlifting, he has a lot of tattoo maintenance on the horizon, and he'd buy his mom a house if he won a million dollars. This varies from his answer after being named to the Fabulous 22 in football, when he said he'd buy a car for each of his parents and a couple pair of shoes. However, my favorite Q&A was "Three words to describe yourself": "Tall, laid-back and a winner."

Congratulations, Jim Tressel. You have one confident, Eva Mendes-loving young man on your hands.

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Unknown said...

Anyone else startled by the gun violence associated with some in this group? It's presented so matter of factly in the capsules. What? Your dad was shot to death? Hmm... so what would you do if you won a million dollars?