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Your Semi-Annual XPlosion Post

We're about due for a token post on the Pittsburgh XPlosion, so consider the quota met. Our favorite CBA Basketball team, built mostly of players hailing from the feeder program known as the University of Pittsburgh, is currently playing in the American Conference best-of-three series in the basketball hotbed of Minot, North Dakota.
How do I know this? Because the P-G felt it was worthy of inclusion in the "Sports Briefs" sidebar. That's right, the X-Men are in the AC series and they don't even get a real article, just a footnote in a filler column with a name that sounds like a pair of men's underwear.
So how are the XPlosion doing in the series? Well, Minot got the best of them in Game 1, 105-87. Game 2 is tonight and Game 3 (if necessary!) would be Thursday at The Pete. I tried getting some stats for you, but since the official XPlosion wrapup was written for the "90 words or less" crowd, that's an impossibility. I guess I'll have to go to the XPlosion message board to get you the information you thirst for...
(20 seconds pass)
...OK, I'm back from the message board. I found out that I could've taken Amtrak to support the XPlosion in Minot, and I was reprimanded for not attending a charity basketball game featuring Mel Blount and Big Ben, but I couldn't find any more info on Game 1. I guess we'll forever wonder how many points Carl Krauser and John DeGroat put up. If I really cared, I would've taken that bus to North Dakota.
All kidding aside, I wish the best of luck to the XPlosion. These are guys who are truly playing for the love of the game, and that's always honorable. Let's hope for a Game 3 in Pittsburgh; if Pitt players are indeed suiting up that night, tell them they're in Madison Square Garden and I can almost guarantee victory.

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