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Steelers Controversy Update

Yesterday I mentioned an interesting article in the Beaver County Times penned by Mark Madden on the topic of Steeler domestic violence incidents. Since that time, this story has only gained more momentum and discussion among Steeler followers. Here's an update and a few more reading points on the subject:
--Today, the Pittsburgh Women's Center and Shelter asked for a statement from the Steelers, who have remained virtually silent on the issue:
"How powerful it would be to this community and the community across the nation if they would come out and make a statement that they don't condone this kind of behavior," said Shirl Regan of the Women's Center.
--You have to read the lengthy comments section of Mark's original article. Some of them make you truly embarrassed to be a Steeler fan. That's where you get enlightened commentary from Steeler fans along the lines of this:
Madden, there are several key differences between the Bengals and the Steelers. Knocking them for their "legal" issues is just gravy compared to what really matters. The first five differences are:
1. Super Bowl IX
2. Super Bowl X
3. Super Bowl XIII
4. Super Bowl XIV
5. Super Bowl XL
Oh yeah, and the 40 years of butt-kickins we've handed them specifically doesn't hurt the argument either.
--There's some debate and interesting discussion among Mondesi's House readers on this topic. Definitely worth a click.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Go to your original post on this and read "dasoop..."-something's comments on this.

While I agree with his opinion on Madden, everything else he said was pretty embarassing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Madden is right that these issues need to be addressed, but all the guests he's had on his show about this have told him it's a collective bargaining issue (which is why the league, not the team, suspended Pacman), that the agency he had on during Friday's show is not an advocacy group and does not picket, the thing about Mellon Bank. It's sad because he could tackle this topic in a way that doesn't reek of his distaste for the Steelers, but why would he do that? Like the Cedrick Wilson thing. HE WASN'T THE ONE ARRESTED! Domestic abuse is an epidemic, and it's a sad, terrible thing for someone to engage in. No doubt. And I hope the Steelers and other players in the NFL and everyone who is involved in these matters get help and shape up, because it's humiliating to yourself and community. But Madden's slant and his venom toward the Steelers makes his approach feel less like helping the community and the team and more like piling on to sway the tides toward the Pens (and by the way, most of us like both teams). He doesn't regard what his interview subjects say on the matter (he has totally ignored everything John Clayton told him about how the matter has to be handled by the league) and it's just another thing you can't debate with him without being yelled over on the air and called a Steelers apologist.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the guy who said only Super Bowls matter, get a life.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I can't wait to see if the Steelers have the brass to respond the the Women's Group. If for nothing else, I applaud Madden for taking the Steelers to task since they seem to get a pass from the local media, regardless of his motivation.

Koz said...

More criminal activity from the Steelers this morning... the team is getting an embarrassing amount of negative press this offseason.