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Today's Announcement: An Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Terrelle Pryor just announced that he's making an announcement tomorrow. What will that announcement be? Will it be to announce his next announcement? No, actually, it's "the" announcement: Pryor plans to let everyone in on the big surprise of what school he will grace with his presence.

Sources say that it's down to Ohio State and Michigan. PSU is allegedly "too country" for the royalty that is King Pryor, and he never made his official visit to Oregon. So it looks like he's headed for a few years of exciting Big TenLeven football.
Assuming that Pryor will actually name a school and not continue the running episode of Punk'd that he's been playing on the entire country, I'll be glad to finally have this story behind us. But oh, it's just begun.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

No longer western PA's problem. Have fun with the circus Columbus

Anonymous said...

The Florida Gators are licking their chops.

Debra said...
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GMoney said...

I hope this prima donna cunt breaks his leg and/or spends the next few years bunking with Mo Clarett.

Anonymous said...

Tired of hearing about him.