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--Sad news from the world of hockey, where the Pens fall to 0-4 against the Philadelphia Flyers this year with a 4-3 loss. At least there was a good boxing match to warm up the crowd.

--At long last, some pics of Dana Jacobson taking a vodka bottle to the face at the now-infamous Mike and Mike Roast. I'd love to know what Trey Wingo was thinking as he watched in the background.

--Great news from Steeler Country: Hines Ward is ticked at Big Ben. Roethlisberger had the audacity to ask for a tall receiver, and Ward shot back, saying, "I don't hear Tom Brady or Peyton Manning asking for that. I don't know, whatever he says. I have no idea. To me, it's a rare combination of receivers out there who are good and tall. We won a Super Bowl, we didn't have a tall receiver then. I don't see Tom Brady caring about who's tall or not. He got Randy this year, but he did it before without him."

I guess Hines missed the part where Brady, who took less than fair market value in his last contract, asked Santa Kraft for an upgrade from the Pats' 2006 troika of Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel and Troy Brown. Total coincidence that all of a sudden the team is now trotting out Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth. Total coincidence.

--It's been 20 years since Jerome Lane sent it in. The PG catches up with him. In case you were wondering, no, he hasn't shattered any other backboards.

--A musical 'tribute' to the Gunslinger in all his glory. Cheesehead not necessary to view and listen.
Top 10 Stupid Criminals of 2007 -Pittsburgh represents at #9!


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Beano Cook did an interview with Joe Starkey on ESPN Radio at the end of the Steelers season and Cook flat out said that Ben is not liked in the Steelers locker room by his teammates and that he is egotistical. I was surprised to hear this because Ben is so good with the media, (at least his quotes sound good), but now that Hines is firing back at Ben in the media it would seem that Beano was right about Ben.

okel dokel said...

The Philly media is all over Laraque for his "cheap hit" on Steve Downey.

Flyers coach John Stevens called it "a very, very dangerous play." Downey claimed it was nothing; of course he began the season with a 20 game suspension for a hit he had on Ottawa's Dean McAmmond in preseason.

I find it hilarious that the Philly media is complaining about the hit when they always focus on the excessive complaining of the Penguins. When you act like goons you should expect that people will take shots when the opportunity arises.

Dirty Sanchez said...

I like Hines. Dude plays all out and is one of my favorite Steelers. But seriously, there is a reason he gets called Whines Hard every once in a while. It's not all about you, my friend.

Ben didn't say that his receivers suck, or that they can't so much as catch a cold in most games. He said he'd liked to have a tall receiver as a target. God forbid someone broaches the idea that maybe we can do better than Willie Reid or Cedric Wilson.

okel dokel said...

Well played Dirty Sanchez, I couldn't agree with you more.

Chris said...

Wingo so tapped that.

Dirty Sanchez said...

I think Jacobson tapped Wingo. Not so sure she wouldn't win the "let's see whose is bigger contest" over a guy named Trey.

If BGL was a Flyer their fans would consider him a God, much like they do that piece of shit Bobby Clarke.
Instead they have to cheer for visor-wearing, punk, wannabe tough guys like Downie and watch Cote gets drilled into the ice by Laraque. No doubt Cote will beg to get traded like Ben Eager did in order to avoid another pummeling.

Downie sucker punches Jason Blake and is "scappy", Laraque nudges Downie and is labeled a dirty player. Penalty sure, calling it a major penalty is kind of dubious, no way should there be a suspension.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

In the paper Laraque said he just pushed him and then said "If I really want to hit a guy from behind, he's not getting up." Awesome.

Why when athletes have a problem with each other, can't they just call each other up and discuss it instead of telling it to some reporter?

Unknown said...

It's too bad Ben's leadership qualities don't match his physical gifts. It's one thing to gallantly fall on your sword when you play a poor playoff game... but that sentiment rings hollow if you turn around a few weeks later and complain to the media about your receivers. Of course, the Steelers need to upgrade the wide receiver position; but Ben should confine his comments to a smaller audience (i.e. Tomlin, Arians and Colbert). Hines is right. Height doesn't matter nearly as much as play-making ability does. Anyone hear Tom Brady complaining about wee Wes Welker, who stands all of 5-9? One reason Plax is gone is he dropped too many jump-balls.

TheStarterWife said...

Thank you PR. I kept waiting for someone to remember how Plax dropped the ball more often than not.

(Although I am hoping he shines against NE.)