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--Pitt beat #6 Georgetown at the Pete on Monday night, but since everybody gave up on the Panthers already, I guess no one is interested...
But seriously, Pitt is ranked #4 in the RPI, behind only North Carolina, Memphis, and Tennessee. So you shouldn't write them off just yet. Keith Benjamin and Razor Ramon poured in 18 points each, and DeJuan Blair added 15 and 9. The Zoo was a-rockin'.
Plus, for an added bit of sizzle, ESPN showed a shot of Mike Tomlin sitting next to Luke Ravenstahl at the game. No word on whether or not Ravenstahl snuck his way into this sporting event.
--How far do you think Pitt will go in the tournament (assuming they make it, of course)? Vote in this week's new poll, on the right sidebar. Last week's poll results illustrated your belief in the 2008 Steelers, as most readers went with the optimistic "9-12 wins" prediction.

--The Pens downed the Rangers 4-1 in a feisty matchup at the Igloo. Evgeni Malkin notched another hat trick and Adam Hall fought Jordan Staal's brother. That ought to make quite the uncomfortable locker room.
--The Steelers are targeting several positions for the draft: offensive line, offensive line, offensive line, offensive line, and offensive line.
--Deadspin reminds us that LT still hates the Patriots, his opponent in the AFC Championship.

--Bummed that you missed the Mike and Mike Roast? You're in luck! The train wreck is beautifully recapped. Highlights include:

**Dana Jacobson's incoherent, Belvedere-swilling rant, finally pulled off stage by Professional Roaster Jeffrey Ross and Eddie Griffin, perhaps better known as Deuce Bigalow's pimp.

**The surprising news that Hosts Trey Wingo and Mark Schlereth were horrible leading off the show. Surely Schlereth would be upset that this reporter punched him in the mouth and then threw him under the bus.

**More surprising news that most of the jokes were about Greenberg being a metrosexual and Golic being fat. How do they stay so fresh?

**Ravens safety Ed Reed being too drunk to read his jokes, pulled off stage by Clinton Portis and Joe Klecko (that's two roasters pulled off stage, for those of you scoring at home).

**A rambling bomb of a speech from Charlie Weis, who apparently has no concept of a roast.

**A great line from comedian Nick Bakay: "Mike & Mike are so dull they make Mike Tirico's show feel dangerous."

--The newest steroid bust includes entertainers 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Timbaland, Wyclef Jean, and Tyler Perry. Each of them pounded their fist in denial and refused to give back their Cy Young Awards.

--What is the most tortured city in pro sports? Certainly not Boston.

--The Oakland Zoo was looking for a cost-conscious Chewie head atop a flesh-toned unitard alien body.

--ESPN's Ombudswoman checks in on the WWL's coverage of the Mitchell Report.

--What happened to Jessica Biel's face?

--Good news: the plague is making a comeback!


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Read the Genetic Experiments list!!!! Hardest I've laughed in a looooong time.