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--Pens win! Pens win! And more importantly comes the revelation from a reader that Dan Potash may be the Pittsburgh equivalent of TNT's Craig Sager. All he needs is a few loud suits, and he's all set.

--Pitt wins! Pitt wins! The good news: Pitt wasn't upset by Mississippi Valley State, alma mater of Jerry Rice. The bad news: DeJuan Blair left the game with an injured tailbone. The insignificant news: the Pittsburgh XPlosion open their season at the Pete tonight. But you'll have to wait until February 1 to see the Atlanta Krunk.

--Bad news for Barry. But on the bright side, there's that offer from the Wild Things....
--A-Rod stays in pinstripes for 10 more years. So let's recap: first, he interrupts the World Series to announce that he's opting out of his Yankee contract. And now, he steals the headlines from Barry Bonds!
--After six games, ESPN already has a tracker comparing the Celtics to the 1995-96 Bulls. No, they're not overreacting at all...
--Another black eye for Penn State...and from the sounds of it, a black eye for the victim of this beatdown.
--Deshea Townsend: INNOCENT!

--In other Steeler secondary news, Ryan Clark has one less spleen than he used to.
--35-year-old Game Manager Trent Dilfer fights a 22-year-old defensive back at 49er practice yesterday. I'm guessing Mike Tirico would spin this as "the struggling team showing some fight".

--The one guy who left Sabathia off his Cy Young ballot explains himself.

--What's going on with the NHL All-Star voting free XM preview?
--Great news: you can now text your orders to Papa John's.

--Here's a quick site to figure out your BMI (Body Mass Index). I'm hoping for your health's sake that most of you come in at "normal weight" as opposed to "obesity".

--From the Headline Says It All Department: "Woman Finds Boyfriend Dead In Cat Door"

--If the words Ninja Gaiden, Double Dribble, and Baseball Stars ring a bell, it's time for you to take Nintendo Historian Quiz 2.


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Brother Anthony said...

Be sure to read the comments after the Disney list. There are some short fuses visiting that blog.