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The Steelers take on the New York Jets, who, in the words of Joe Namath, are "strugggggling". But there are no warm and fuzzy moments with Suzy Kolber to brighten up this season. While their fans bank on a new quarterback, loyal bloggers like Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog continue to plug away.
This week, Mondesi's House and The Jets Blog are collaborating on a "home and home" type series of questions regarding the state of their respective teams and thoughts on this Sunday's game. Brian answered five of my questions about Gang Green, and I answered five of his questions about the Sons of Steely McBeam. His answers are below, and for my answers, you'll have to visit
1. Who is officially credited with creating the "Mangenius" nickname, and where do you think he hides these days?

Artie Bucco from The Soprano's, of course in the Episode "The Blue Comet." Sure rumblings among Jet fans were out thereof the name were out there, but it was like Tyler Durden coalescing the name of Fight Club. As far as where he is it's hard to say, but I think that he's [screen cuts to black].

2. Regardless of the fact that he's 64 years old, would Jets fans prefer Joe Namath to Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens at this point?

Seeing as Jets fans ran Joe Willie out of town 30+ years ago, spending his last season with the Rams, and that fans were cheering Pennington's injury (I was at the game where he tore his shoulder up in 2005, as well as the Pats game this year, there were fans who cheered both) I'd have to say Clemens. The only difference is that fans haven't cheered for a Clemens injury yet ,,, they'll be doing that 5 years from now.

3. How bad do you hate the Patriots? As much as the rest of the country? Looking forward to that rematch?

Take the entire nuclear arsenal of the 1984 Cold War era and throw it into the sun. The intensity of that explosion about equals my dislike for the Patriots. I respect the crap out of what they've done, but I hate them. Add in the fact that I now live in New England and it makes it all the worse. The best thing is that Patriots fans are now whining about the fact that people around the country don't like them ... well duh!! First off, most are bandwagoners who joined sometime during the third Super Bowl run. So when you ask me about whether we hate the Pats as much as others in the country, please remember, they're in the division, Belichick left the Jets after a day being head coach only to coach the Patriots.

4. Pittsburgh has strong ties to the Jets. Namath, Curtis Martin, and Darrelle Revis were all from Western PA. After that holdout fiasco in the preseason, do you think Revis will be worth the wait?

Revis has been a solid corner, something the Jets have needed for a long while. I think his rookie year could have been better off if he had been in camp, and he's struggled some in the slot, but he's done a good job, and is currently ranked 7th with 10 passes defensed so far this season.

5. Would you care to offer a fearless prediction as to how Sunday's game will play out?

The Jets will surprise Steelers fans by putting up a tough fight in the first half. Sometime during the third quarter, the Jets will realize that they're the worst defense in the league and will start allowing Willie Parker to run for 8 yards per carry. Pittsburgh 31 Jets 21.

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I enjoyed this a lot.

I'm always curious to see what fans of other teams think about us and our team.