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Dave Littlefield Sighting!

Look who was spotted by eagle-eyed reader Marcus at the Pens game on Saturday night sitting in section D6:
"So I am at the Pens game on Saturday, sitting in section D6, good seats, not great. I look to my right and who do I see? None other that Dave Littlefield. I mean, I know he's unemployed at the moment, but those are the best seats he can get? Maybe the Nuttings wouldn't pay him either. Or he really is that cheap."
Poor Dave Littlefield. He can't even go to a Penguin game without speculation based on his boss, his salary, or his performance. That being said, he had a lousy boss, he didn't make as much as other GMs, and his presence made no difference in the organization's success. But he gets Brownie Points for supporting the Pens.


Unknown said...

looks more like cosmo kramer

okel dokel said...

Perhaps they took away his "good seats" when they fired him as a penalty for the Matt Morris trade.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

He was probably trying to convince the Pens that they could get very good "value" if they traded Crosby for 3 AHLers.

AJ said...

Judging by his track record at evaluating talent, he probably thought he was at Game 5 of the world series.