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Stay Classy, Penn State

I tried to post this yesterday, but it kept disappearing from YouTube. There's not much more to say once you watch the video. But I'm sure some Penn State apologists will find a way to justify it. I'm suggesting something along the lines of, "Well, there's always a few bad apples..."


Unknown said...

Yea, unfortunately for Penn State, "Ohio" decided to slap them up, down, and all around in every way possible. Wow, that Anthony Morelli is one hell of a QB you've got there. Just make sure your student section tones down the pregame "festivities" before Troy State runs you over in the Liberty bowl. I guess it comes as no surprise that 80% of the douchebags from my high school decided to attend Penn State.

getfreshdesigns said...

Not surprised, considering this is the same college that will riot at an arts festival.

AJ said...

It should be easy for police to identify the kids in that video.

One of them is obviously Morelli.

He overthrew the guy at least three times.

(have to give credit to a guy at work for that one)

Unknown said...

As a Penn State student, this is disgusting. Not only do our fans not have class, but our coach is barely coherent, our QB sucks and our team is quickly becoming Miami North.

Good thing I always have been and always will be, a Pitt fan.

Seriously, when I read about this in the Collegian today it didn't seem like a big deal. But that video proves otherwise. Those fans are fucktards and should be thrown in jail.

Dirty Sanchez said...

The best way to start a criminal investigation in Happy Valley is to round up the football team and start from there.

Sam said...

Just thought I'd note that the smiling asshole at the end goes to Pitt. Doesn't excuse the hundred other Penn State fans who participated in this, though.

There is a problem with unruly fans during gamedays, and it needs to change.

CapitolMAN said...

At least one Penn Stater displayed a modicum of aggressiveness on Saturday. That's more than we can say for the defensive line.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I'm very dissappointed. This is a disgrace. I've never been so let down by a person (or people) that I expect better from in my life....

... Oh I'm not talking about the State Penn fans. Yeah, those guys are douchebags. I'm talking about Adam. I thought FOR SURE he'd be in here trying to justify this by now.

C'mon Adam!! You're letting me down!!

And Sam, he says the kid's from Pittsburgh. A lot of people that go to PSU are from Pittsburgh. He didn't say he goes to Pitt.

It was REALLY dumb to videotape this. If the Ohio State fans in the video want to, there could probably be some arrests and expulsions. And, if those were frat houses in the background, couldn't they be punished too?

(I like poking fun at PSU, but my sister went there, and I know not everyone at State Penn behaves like this.... but it SURE seems like it these days!)

okel dokel said...

The guy is an a**hat. Who cares if he is from Pitt; it makes no difference. You just don't do this to opposing team's fans.

You know it is bad when Michigan fans are calling out Penn State fans about their treatment of tOSU fans.

Sam said...

louis... The guy behind the camera said something akin to "Dude, this guy is from Pittsburgh, he doesn't even need to do it but he does it". I took that as meaning he doesn't even have an interest in hating OSU fans because he doesn't go to the school, but still attacks them anyway.

I've never been more embarrassed to be a Penn State fan. Hopefully they catch these guys.

Jules said...

Still Adam is nowhere to be found...maybe he had already been arrested????

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


Adam's from Pittsburgh!! The guy in the video's from Pittsburgh....

The guy in the video appears to be in his late-teens.... JUST LIKE ADAM!!!

Adam's the culprit!!!! Adam did it!!!


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


Yeah, I did hear that. I wasn't sure what the guy meant by it. I just didn't really assume he was a Pitt student.

BUT, if he is a Pitt student, and he does get busted for this, he deserves to have his sentence doubled... no, TRIPLED for being a Pitt student, yet comitting violent acts on behalf of Penn State fans!!

But I doubt it, since I already concluded that the guy in question is Adam.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
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Adam said...

Sorry fellas, I have no defense for this.

In fact, this isn't the only example of poor behavior last weekend. Some ass***e decided to douse Lee Corso with beer at college gameday. In my section, Ohio State fans had food thrown at them just for wearing OSU jerseys, and I sit totally opposite the student section. These were adults acting like this.

It seems that the lack of success in the early 2000s left a time where the students @ Penn State grew apathetic towad the program because they wern't any good. The traditional decorum wasn't passed down from class to class for a period of like 5 years. Now, when we're at the point that we are competing again (although if you watched Sat., you wouldn't say we "competed") people don't know how to act at Big games.

Its sad. Ever since I was 6, and my dad took me took games, I've been taught to clap when the opposing team takes the field,and treat their fans with respect. That was part of what I loved about Penn State, and to see stuff like this makes me sick to my stomach.

Pitt fans, you can make fun of us for this, cuz God knows we deserve it, but just know, not all of us are drunken bums. There are still some classy Penn State fans around.

O, and the "State Penn" joke is worthy of some props.

Adam said...

Well, perhaps things arent completely as bad as we first thought.

Turns out the kid was from Pitt, but thats beside the point. THe PSU fan was filming the video so PSU isnt off the hook.

The OSU fans were from the columbus branch of the fraternity and had stayed at the frat house the night before. Clearly, the PSU fans knew them, so it may have all been a big misunderstanding. They didn't ambush random tOSU fans.

That doesnt mean what they did was ok, but its important to understand the context I think.

"May no act of our bring shame"

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

That kid's disgusting. Trying to show off for Penn State fans by doing shit like that.

No Pitt student that commits a violent act on behalf of Penn State could EVER be considered a representative of the people at Pitt.

And ummm... I still believe there were about 100 people cheering this on and pelting them with beer cans.

It's funny that the fact that the douche caught on camera was from Pitt makes a lot of State Penn fans feel they're exonerated for this.

And my sister said that if those guys were members of the same frat from Ohio State and were treated like that, that the Penn State chapter could be in some serious shit.

Cardone said...

I've only posted on this site twice including now. The last time included my saying that I'm a Pitt alum living in Columbus and that I've learned in my 3 years here to find OSU fans much more dispicable than I ever found PSU fans to be. That said, I was hanging around the shoe last year before the Michigan game, the biggest game in recent memory and I never saw ANYTHING like this. Not even close. There were plenty of Michigan fans around and I never saw even verbal abuse. This year I spent a lot of time telling any Buckeye fan who would listen that Saturday's game would be the first time in my life I would ever root for Penn State. After this, it will also be the last. Unless they play Miami. Maybe then, I don't know.

Adam said...

What PSU fan felt exonerated? I'm pretty sure I said "That doesn't get PSU off the hook."

All I have to say is, let the frat kids plead their case. Who knows what the OSU kids did to precipitate it.

Cardone said...

Just a quick edit to my post. The word "despicable" was both miss-spelled and poorly chosen. I've never seen OSU fans act despicable. They're usually just really annoying.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I wasn't talking about you Adam, calm down.

....even though I'm pretty sure that this whole Pitt-student thing is false and the chief beer thrower was you!!!