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Pitt and Penn State Finally Have Something In Common

At long last, we've found the bond that unites Pitt and Penn State. And what occasion extended this olive branch? The time-honored tradition of hurling full beers at Ohio State fans. How do I know this? Because it was just revealed that a Pitt student was at the center of it all. Well done, boys.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Look at it from the PSU perspective though. There apparently weren't any black people around at that time of day, so the fraternity needed someone to discriminate against. I'm sure this fact will surface before long.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I still don't think a Pitt student that empathizes with Penn State fans so much that he joins their beer hurling/borderline assault against two Ohio State fans is truely representative of your average Pitt fan.

Call me crazy for making that assumption.

I still think this is all a ruse and Adam was behind it all though.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I just read that article.

It's from a newspaper up by State College apparently!

And surprise surprise! They have "Pitt Student" in HUGE letters in front of the headline as if to say "See!! It was all some kid from that place east of here that doesn't like Penn State's fault!"

I just like how the paper seized the oppurtunity to serve up a nice huge headline, that to the average public who reads the headline and the first sentence of the article then moves one, makes it look like this was all just some crazy asshole from Pitt's fault.

Either way, that kid's an even bigger moron than the rest of them for SOOOOO many reasons.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Shit, sorry, but this story keeps killing me.

Apparently, the fraternity that was holding the party (which is going to be cited by the way) are the ones that IDed the kid and ratted him out.... LIKE THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

What about the camera guy? He apparently saw nothing wrong with the situation and even posted the whole thing on Youtube.

And what about... ohh I dunno... the 50 other people chucking beers at the OSU students?

It's just wierd that they make it sound like the frat will be cited, but then they're really gonna throw the book at the out-of-town guy (deservedly so). Like he talked the whole frat party into participating!

And what the hell kind of private party takes place in the middle of a public street anyways?

And finally, (I've never been a "frat guy", but have enough friends that have, so forgive me if I'm wrong) but wouldn't the Phi Kappa Alpha people exact some punishment towards their Penn State branch for treating their "brothers" from the Ohio State branch so poorly?

Forget who killed JFK, Tupac, and Biggie... I want answers to this damnit!

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I'll bet Adam skipped school today to bicker on message boards about this ver subject

85 said...

@ louie:

I was in a fraternity and I can guarantee they'll be hearing from the national organization about this since it's gotten so much attention. Since so many fraternities do dumb shit like this, the nationals are quick to image damage control, no matter how serious the infraction. How serious the punishment probably depends on how much of it they can blame on the Pitt kid.

Adam said...

Well lets face it. If you watch the video, the Pitt kid is the only one running up to the OSU fans and pegging them from point blank range in front of a camara. He could have you know, just thrown at them from a distance like everyone else, but Pitt studnets' reasoning skills must be worse than the average PSU studnets'.

Unknown said...

wow adam, just wow. I guess you can rationalize anything if you twist it the right way can't you. I mean if he would have justed acted like a good human being and thrown the cans at a distance with the 300 other PSU fans everything would have been fine right?

Adam said...

Lighten up. It was purely for a chuckle.