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Monday Bullet Points

  • 2-13 since the All-Star break, my friends. I thought it would be bad, but I never thought it could be this bad. Actually, check that. Of course I thought it would be this bad.
  • As you've probably noticed, John Vanbenschoten was sent to the minors. That means the much-anticipated return of Tony Armas to the rotation, and the recall of Jonah Bayliss from the minors. Does that scare you? Because it shouldn't. Jonah says he is "mentally stronger". And as Armas has said in the past, we shouldn't worry about his early season struggles, because it was just poor mechanics, that's all. I don't know about you, but I feel better.
  • My dad starting peppering me with some Pirate-related questions on Sunday, to which I finally snapped and asked him why we care about the Pirates anymore. My rant was along the lines of "the owners don't care, the GM doesn't care, and obviously, the players don't care." And that was before the conclusion of the sweep today.
  • OK, time to move to real sports. Aren't we jumping the gun just a tad on the "Lawrence Timmons will be a bust" phone calls to talk shows?
  • Nice to see that Hines Ward is criticizing the coaches for the heated practice on Saturday. You can bet that will show up in The News. And by The News, I mean Mike Tomlin's version, not mine.
  • Please, Barry, hit those home runs as soon as possible. Watching highlights of all your walks on a daily basis is becoming tedious.
  • Speaking of the home run chase, I heard Greg Brown's rant during the Pirate game a few days ago about Bud Selig's attendance. Brown was wondering why it was such a big deal, and why people were talking so much about it. Oh, I don't know, maybe the symbolism of his endorsement to the most storied record in sports, but other than that, no, it's not worthy of discussion.
  • That being said, Selig should try to be there. If there were no tests years ago, then you can't disqualify Bonds' records. And if "everyone took performance enhancing drugs", then how come Bonds was the only one to hit 73 in a season?
  • All of this will be a moot point in a few years when A-Rod breaks Bonds' record. Of course, now that Jose Canseco says that he has dirt on A-Rod, that might change things after all.
  • To answer a question that's out there, yes, there will be multiple Mondesi's House fantasy football leagues this season, they will all be free, and they will all have prizes. More info to be published soon.
  • How many of you out there coughed up a 10-spot for the Simpsons movie this weekend?
  • No Pitt, Penn State, Big East, Big 10, or ACC stories to rile anyone up today. Sorry.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Woohoo! First to comment on Mondesi's bulletin points (or at least the ones I care about).

-I got all the radio call-in people beat! I called Timmons a bust about 22 seconds after we drafted him! But Woodley's gonna be the man.

-You've been very harsh to Hines Ward on here Raul. Methinks someone's still pissed off over the autograph fiasco of last year. But seriously, if we find out tomorrow that Willie Reid is injured because of a questionable hit during practice, we'll all be pissed. Like Ryan Clark said, Hines is one of the toughest guys in the league and if he thinks it was out of line, then it might have been out of line (he said something like that, I don't remember the exact quote).

-I happily coughed up SEVEN bucks to see The Simpsons (matinee price w/ student discount). I would've gladly paid $15. It was hilarious. By the way, I got to see a sneak preview of Superbad a few days back also... go see it!!

-I think everyone's jumping the gun in assuming that A-Rod will definitely break Barry's soon-to-be record. We forget that he ages like everyone else and he'll need a few things to break his way if he wants to even get close to it.

-Barry's an asshole, but I consider this record legit. No failed drug tests, plus I do think that fact that a lot of guys were on them and nobody else hit 73 home runs is evidence of a somewhat level playing field, no? Besides, Matt Lawton and several other scrubs have been popped for 'roids, so it's not like these things are exactly "talent in a syringe". That said, steroids or not, Hank Aaron is still a better person than Bonds.

-Ummm Penn State, Adam, and the Big 10 all suck and are probably the cause of most of the atrocities in the world today. Now argue away!!!

Dirty Sanchez said...

I've been away for a little while. Did I miss the exact moment when this place turned into a constant pissing contest about colleges?

And Jonah Bayliss showing up in a "I hope you like animals, 'cause I'm a beast" t-shirt is priceless. You might be a beast in the Indy bars Jonah, but you suck ass on a major league mound.

Paul Rinkes said...

Every time I hear the name "Woodley" and "Steelers" I'm taken back in a time warp to fourth grade.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Count me in as someone who cant wait for the start of the Mondesi's House fantasy football leagues.


I'd like to echo Louis Lipps is my homeboy, people are talking as if A Rod will def break Barry's soon to be home run record. Yes A Rod is a great player and is on pace to have a shot at Barry's soon to be record, but a lot of things can happen in the next decade of A-Rod's career, specifically injury.

That being said, i wish A-Rod the best of luck.


As for Selig:
I've heard a number of people, {specifically Tim Kurkjian} saying that Selig hasn't officially decided to attend or not attend because he doesnt want to make this about him, but instead to keep the focus on Barry and the record.

I don't understand this theory. The fact that Selig hasn't made a decision about his attendence HAS made this issue about Selig rather than Barry or the breaking of the record. If he would just decide one way or the other, it would be a story for a week or 2 and then he would no longer be the center of attention on this issue.

Adam said...

Sorry fellas, I'm on vacation so i have limited internet access.Anyway.

Penn State doesnt need syracuse to get out of the "cellar". I don't need to explain any furthur.

WVU goes deep into West Virginia, and the Big 10 would want those who have cable in the fold.

Bic said...
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Bic said...

-Adam, you've never been to Morgantown (or any other part of the state where WVU fans live) have you? There's not enough people in the first place, and most of them don't have the "resources" (to put it nicely) to help support a TV network.

-Greg Brown and the rest of the Buccos commentators, they are the biggest homers in sports who are all afraid to make any substantial comment regarding the Nuttings, Littlefield, Tracy, the assistant coaches, and the players.

-As long as Jim Colborn is on the staff, the Pirates won't have another great pitcher.

-I don't know what about ESPN pisses me off more: showing and "breaking down" each of Bonds' three walks each night or leading off the 11 PM SportsCenter with NASCAR coverage. Ugh...

Unknown said...

Dennis, don't forget about "Who's Now?" when discussing the merits of the far as the WVU thing goes, anyone who has read this site and the comments knows my fondness for the place where greatness is learned and couches are burned, but its not a sensible move for the Big 10. There are fewer people in the entire state of West Virginia than there are in Allegheny County. WVU (even though I will soon have a graduate degree from there) is not up to Big 10 academic stds. Pitt is the best fot geographically and academically, though it would be the only legit city school, as well. ND is the answer, but NBC has something to say about that.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way...

Why don't we end the Pitt v. Penn State and "Big East sucks" arguements once and for all...

By having the teams settle it on the field?!?!?

Look, we do realize that Big East teams are generally less POPULAR amongst fans and media than Big Ten teams. That is a fact.

As for whether a WVU or a Louisville could stand up to Big Ten competition.... why not instead of just yapping about it, SETTLE IT ON THE FIELD!!!

I know WVU, Louisville, and most other BE teams wouldn't duck any of those teams regardless of whether they think they'd win or lose, so why not do it?

Why not stop worrying about popularity contests, and attendance figures, and stupid internet arguements and settle sports arguements the way they're supposed to be settled...


You can argue all you want, but until Big Ten teams sign on the dotted line to play top Big East teams, all the shit talk means nothing to me.

I just think the Big Ten schools know that they have more to lose than gain. I mean, imagine how it would look if a BE upstart pulled an upset of one of those schools. Pretty bad for them.

You can say "Oh oh well that would never happen yadda yadda yadda..."

But guess what, you don't know until you settle it ON THE GODDAMN FIELD!

The game is everything, bullshit speculation and yammering about attendance figures (last I checked, the fans don't play the games) are nothing.

(I'm not just picking on the Big 10 here, I'm just using them as an example due to a certain "presence" we have on this blog.)

Free Pacman said...

The Pirates were who we thought they were.

Anonymous said...

Free Pacman - hahahahaha!!!!!

Go ahead crown 'em, if you wanna crown 'em!!!

Dennis/Brad: ESPN is like Delta Burke. She was hot when you were a little kid (i.e. The old "First and Ten" show on HBO, starring on Orenthal James Simpson), but over the years, she gradually got fatter & fatter & fatter until there was nothing left but "Who's Now."

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

That is the most capital letters Louis Lipps has used since in a comment he described Jerome Bettis' 3 pound steak