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Latrobe Begins...Pirate Season Officially Over

Today the Pittsburgh Steelers will report to Latrobe for their first training camp under Mike Tomlin. As we know, training camp is an important annual occasion on the Pittsburgh sports calendar. While not officially a recognized holiday in the region YET, it does signal the beginning of one season (football) and the end of another (baseball). And what better way to officially end another year of losing baseball than a 1-0 loss to the 42-56 Houston Astros? Might I add that the Buccos managed just five hits and no runs in eights innings against Woody "4-11, 5.37 ERA" Williams on Sunday? Sure, why not! Why not end the season with a bang?
Sunday's game was the kind that makes a good player go bad, in the words of Jay-Z and Rihanna. Human Youman threw eight innings of four-hit ball, allowing one run. And he got the loss. Welcome to Pittsburgh, or Hell, as Jason Kendall once called it. We Will: Mentally Beat Down Our Few Successful Players.
In other Pirate news, the team is actively trying to trade Jack Wilson onto the Toronto Blue Jays. Whenever Jack Wilson gets dealt, I want everyone to remember this quote given by Dave Littlefield the day that the Buccos traded for Cesar Izturis:
I'm hoping to make that quote the Pittsburgh equivalent of Nick Saban's "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach." Please, please, please stop lying to us, Mr. Littlefield. We can handle the truth. Stop playing us for fools. Your fan base is not simply made up of the families of four who come on Sundays and let their kids run the bases after the game. There are some actual baseball fans left in Pittsburgh. Few, but still some nonetheless.
The Pirates sit just a game out of last place at 41-56. Adam LaRoche and Jason Bay, the centerpieces of the lineup, now have twin .246 averages. There are no regulars batting higher than .295. Yes, it's a great time to start talking about fantasy drafts, two-a-days, and Sharky's Cafe. Football season has arrived, my friends. It's time to make a smooth transition away from Armas, Paulino and Duke and into Roethlisberger, Polamalu and Parker. This could be the most entertaining training camp we've ever seen. Let's make this segue as seamless as possible.


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

We should do a Mondesi's House fantasy football league. anyone interested?


To think a year ago we opened the season against Miami with Saban on the sideline and Daunte at QB, my how times change.

Sam said...

I completely agree that Littlefield has been about as truthful as Saddam's information minister, but I don't know what else he can say in that situation without telling Jack he's being traded. I know it's not the honest thing to do, but if on the off chance we can't get more than some old cleats for Wilson (and looking what we gave up for Izturis, that may be all we get)and we don't trade him, we still want him to be on decent terms with Littlefield. Until, of course, Littlefield is fired at the end of this year.

The Mondesi's House fantasy football league is a great idea. Not exactly sure how it would work though.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

We did one last year and it was pretty lame, depends on who wants to step up to be commish. I don't even think Raul was in it last year.

Dirty Sanchez said...

This is example # 5,001 of why Littlefield is an inept jerkoff. You trade Wilson first, THEN pick up a scrub like Izturis. Izturis could have been picked up after the trading deadline, lord knows no teams would have blocked it.

Now the entire league knows that Wilson is on the way out and has to be moved. Well done DL.

Unknown said...

Being from Latrobe, I give the edge to Dino's over Sharky's, better beer specials and ridiculous wings. My drive home from Pittsburgh just got extended waiting behind the hordes turning left to St. V's.

Anonymous said...

No comments on Littlefield's request of Troy Glaus from the Blue Jays?

Is Littlefield that clueless fantasy baseball GM who asks for Ryan Howard in exchange for Jason Bay?

Chad Bahamas said...

I for one believe Littlefield when he says this has nothing to do with Jack Wilson. Littlefield jerks off every night to thoughts of light hitting defensive middle infielders and AA relief pitchers. With recent bouts of sloppy baserunning and poor defense, I wholly believe that Littlefield and Tracy were convinced that Izturis would be a difference maker by providing defense and being a speed "demon" on the basepaths. Both Littlefield and Tracy overvalue baserunning and defense enough to believe it could overcome crappy hitting and OBP.

Both are not very bright and quite gullable to the romances of old-time fundamental baseball.

Anonymous said...

Chad Bahamas:

Love your take on Littlefield's activities during his alone time!

Thejim said...

I grew up in Mt Pleasant and can tell you, Brad is totally on the money there, Dinos > Sharkys unless you're a bar bitch, or trolling for bar bitches.

If you're looking for more of a dive bar, I highly suggest The Pond.