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This May Top Them All

This newly-listed auction makes the respective Cowher and Roethlisberger auctions pale in comparison. I present to you...

Ike's car, spokesvehicle for this business' aforementioned "wheel specials"
The much-maligned defensive back is listing this through the same person currently peddling the Roethlisberger wheels. I don't know how one gets the job as celebrity car consignment salesman, but I wish I had the idea. I've never heard of another business that gets so much free publicity.

Consider this ride pimped

According to the auction, the car was custom built for Ike at a cost of $60,000. I'm guessing the majority of that money was spent on rims and speakers.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

So what's going on with the Steelers suddenly selling their rides? Cash shortage? Coach Tomlin coming down hard on everyone's high-priced toys? Guys saving up for a new ride? All of these seem like rational explanations, but I'll go out on a limb and guess that Ike wants to go back to the good ol' days of dragging along Uncle Francois in a tire.


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gatorB8 said...

Ike's car is what us car dudes like to call a donk.

Very popular in the Durty South. Between Ben and now Ike, somebody could make some bank just buying the cars, parting out all of the addons, and then reselling the cars sans pimp appeal. Possible business venture? Sort of like a Steeler chop shop.

gatorB8 said...

Excuse me, I spoke out of turn. Technically (according to wikipedia), since Ike's car is from the 1980s it should be referred to as a "box" not a "donk".

AJ said...

Ummm... somebody was stupid enough to spend 60,000 on a 1986 Monte Carlo?

Looks like Ike got burned by more than just wide receivers last season.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Hey, not to get off topic but did you see that the Pirates won today?

Obviously you did, but did you see that rather unorthodox lineup?

Someone might want to keep slipping LSD into Tracy's pregame coffee because that crazy-ass linup WORKED!!

Dirty Sanchez said...

My brother has a 91 Escort that I'm willing to broker for a mere $50,000.

An athlete and his money are soon parted.

Unknown said...

Louis, I would not stick with that lineup, I think the Steelers' O-line has a chance to steal more bases than the top of that batting order. Talk about weird wins, your starting pitcher gives up 3 homers but still goes 7 1/3, you get 6 runs out of that lineup and Torres actually makes things easy to swallow in the ninth.

Unknown said...

And on the car topic, I would still try and buy Pac-Man's drug running ride before any of those. I want my hand to hurt from making it rain...